How To Fix A Broken Nose

How To Fix A Broken Nose

A broken nose s a common term for a nasal bone fracture. This usually happens due to getting hit on the face during fights. injuries during sports or vehicular accidents. Injuries to the nose amount to the majority of facial fractures that people suffer from.

In children, nasal fractures are most common due to falls. A history of traumatic injury should lead to suspicion of a nasal fracture. Common symptoms include bruising, pain, swelling and bleeding from the nose. Tenderness, bruising under the eye, deformity of the nose, bleeding through the nose happens to be some of the common signs. A head injury could also be associated with nasal bone fractures, depending on the mechanism of injury.

When To Seek Medical Help

  • If it takes more than three days for the pain to subside. + The nose looks deformed.
  • Breathing problems even after the swelling decreases. + Run a high fever.
  • Have continuous nosebleeds.
  • Blood comes out from both the nostrils.

Seek Urgent Medical Help In The Following Cases:

  • Continuous bleeding from the nose.
  • The nose discharges dear liquid.
  • There are open cuts to the nose or on the lace.
  • There is an inability to stay awake.
  • Experience of severe headaches.
  • There are repeated episodes of vomiting.
  • There is a decrease or change in vision.
  • Pain in the neck.
  • Lack of control in the arms, followed by a sensation of numbness.

Common symptoms include bruising, pain, swelling and bleeding from the nose


Broken nose treatment for simple uncomplicated fractures in the hospital usually includes pain killers, anti-inflammatory medications, nasal decongestants and supportive care. For markedly displaced fractures, the surgeon may attempt to realign the bone pieces depending on the bone fragments and other factors.

Repairs of nasal fractures are done after the swelling has subsided and not all displaced fractures are attempted to be relocated immediately. For nose bleeds, the doctor may do anterior or posterior nasal packing, whichever is suitable. However, it is usually the former and this is removed in two to three days time.

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