Transform The Way You Experience Life

Transform The Way You Experience Life

By devoting a few minutes to yoga or meditation, the mind and emotions become more calm and sharp

In this fast paced era, humans have various responsibilities and juggle numerous things at a time a lot more than earlier times, be it career, relationships, studies, responsibilities towards family and kids. All our plans to lead a peaceful life fail owing to countless anxieties, tensions and other negative emotions and it is not an exaggeration to say that our life is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

In the rush to get it all done, people forget the fact that they are losing their productivity at every sphere and increasing their stress levels. This stress further zaps concentration making one frustrated, depressed and irritable. Stress not only gives us unnerving and harrowing experiences but also harms relationships, professionally and personally.

In such a scenario, the key to finding balance in life and decreasing stress is yoga and meditation. You may have noticed that the body language of a happy person is different while that of a sad person is totally different. You may even sometimes manage to analyse a person’s mood by his/her posture. Similarly, while performing yoga, the posture plays a vital role. By consciously performing a particular posture, you can elevate your consciousness and transform the way you feel, think and experience life.

Inner Cleansing

It is a well-known fact that your thoughts have the incredible power to either ruin your life or make it wonderful. The world is a projection of our own mind; the external environment is a reflection of our inner environment. As our emotions, the mind and nature are all in sync. We lose control due to stress and tension leading to negative thoughts and we look for a solution in the outer environment believing that nothing is well around us. But before reaching out for help, we must clear our inner environment which is polluted with stress, negative emotions, negative thoughts, tensions, frustrations. etc. Hence, the key to reinforce our inner balance and harmonizing or tuning our outer world is yogic science.

By devoting a few minutes to yoga o meditation, the mind and emotions become more calm and sharp. The thinking process and outlook towards day-to-day incidents get transformed. Simply sitting in a posture with a calm mind and focusing on your breath can give astonishing results. Also, practising stretching poses increases flexibility and reduces rigidity of the body which directly reflects on behaviour, mind and soul.

Diet And Yoga

The food we consume daily shapes our thinking process as our brain is nourished by the food we take. Impure food brings forth negative thoughts while following a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables fosters positive thinking. Therefore, it becomes essential to adopt good eating habits to derive the maximum benefit from yoga. The benefits of practicing yoga and consuming a vegetarian diet has been known since ages and now scientists have attested to the fact that yoga and a vegetarian diet is not only essential for a healthy mind but also to ward oft life-threatening diseases. By practising yoga, you can relax your body and with good food, the body feels content.

Yoga practitioners always prefer a vegetarian diet as it helps improve health, increases vitality and calms the mind. Wheat, barley, milk. cereals, almonds, honey, tomatoes, cheese, butter and sugar candy are all wholesome and beneficial natural products.

Trust In The Divine

Those who set about practicing Ishwara Pranidhana consider themselves as toys in the hands of God or feel like children lying in the lap of the universal mother. They are unperturbed by what happens to them as they bestow their trust in the divine who knows the whys and wherefores of everything and understands what they need better than themselves.

Once he/she surrenders to the will of the almighty, their worldly desire to amass wealth or put themselves in strife and struggles cease to exist for they know that God will provide them with everything they actually need. The old pattern of thinking that is modelled on doubts, fears and insecurities will longer exist. Instead new positive thoughts of acceptance and hope will emerge.

By consciously performing a particular posture, you can elevate your consciousness and transform the way you feel, think and experience life

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