Train Your Mind To Tame Your Life

Train Your Mind To Tame Your Life

The mind is a warehouse for all possibilities in lite – good and bad. It is where all that you see. feel and experience gets stored. It translates the received information into perception and that is what creates our beliefs for life. It’s an intelligent storage device with an additional skill of making choices. It chooses to accept or reject any data that comes its way irrespective of the tact of it being constructive or destructive.

To make it simple, the mind is like a computer, it stores all the data you save in ¡t. Thus, it can reproduce only that which is retained in the computer. Similarly, what we speak, how we behave and the way we conduct ourselves in society is purely dependent on what images, memories, thoughts, ideas and feelings we have allowed to stay in our mind. That is the real catch point and that is why training the mind ¡s so important. People who have control over their mental transactions are the ones who live their life peacefully as they make their choices. They do not allow negative or derogatory thoughts to sustain in their mind.

Most of the problems arise in our life because of the wrong choices we make. Based on the information the mind chooses to retain within, we make vital decisions in our life like career, marriage, relationships, work commitments and much more is a by-product of the thoughts we form and carry in our mind. In such a situation, training the mind to choose the right information is the only way to live a life of satisfaction. While the world is busy promoting communication skills, the communication we have with ourselves is the most important.

In this era of gadgets, we hardly communicate with ourselves as everybody is busy with their mobile phones. Also, talking to the virtual world has completely distorted the idea of having a relation with the self. Therefore, we need to prioritise ourselves. It is very important to strike up a dialogue with oneself and figure out what is happening within your mind. So, mind training can help you achieve their goals gracefully and also helps you keep your mind at ease.

With so much of information available on the internet and plenty of exposure to violence and the negative happenings worldwide, mind training and counselling are the biggest requirements of this era. We need to work on the minds of the younger generation to avoid various mental conditions which can be a great loss to human kind. All of us need to pledge to positivity and pass on the same to everybody we associate with. Protect yourself and if you find any gaps in your behaviour try to deal with it and if you are unable, take professional help. There are many mind trainers, life coaches and counsellors available whom you can reach out to. A trained mind is key to happy and successful living. So, train your mind and tame your life.

Easy Tips

  • Every night before sleeping, give yourself 10 minutes. Run the complete day in your mind, observe how it was and what you learnt. Find out the mistakes you made and register them so that you don’t repeat them and improvise for next time.
  • Talk positively to people and yourself too. Your mind is taking messages of whatever inputs you give. If you say ‘I can’t do it,’ the mind will believe it. If you say ‘I can’ it will believe that too. Just using right words, sentences and language makes such a big difference.
  • Don’t think about things that you don’t like or wish not to happen. Only think about things you wish for. Your mind will focus on whatever you feed it with. Your thoughts build your lite. So, have positivity in your thoughts too.
  • Have a conversation with yourself on your strengths, weaknesses, desires, needs etc. Do not ignore yourself.
  • Don’t get lost in the world of Facebook, WhatsApp, selfie and photo editors. Observe and try to be as real as possible. Don’t let fake become a part of your behaviour just to impress the world.

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