Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

“Open windows and doors in the evenings, so that accumulated heat can scape and cool air can enter”

During the summer months, the heat tends to get unbearable in some parts of the country and many people, especially elders may succumb to the unrelenting hot temperatures. Thus, it is always preferable to stay indoors and in air- conditioned rooms. It is also a good idea to not expose yourself to the heat. Just follow these simple precautions at home and outside, to stay protected.

  • At home, keep the curtains drawn so that excess heat does not enter the house
  • Always close the windows when the outside air becomes too hot and dry
  • Open windows and doors in the evenings, so that accumulated heat can escape and cool air can enter
  • Keep something cold like water or juice handy whenever you are going out; keeping it in insulated bottles helps it to remain cool
  • Always apply sunscreen, even when you are indoors
  • To cool rooms quickly, dry clothes indoors under a fan. The intense sun rays will cause the clothes to lose its colour, so drying them indoors will serve two purposes
  • Keep cooling foods like yogurt, ice cream and ice tea handy as hot beverages don’t hold much appeal with high temperatures
  • When venturing outdoors, put on your shades to safeguard your eyes
  • Never leave anything, for example, your pet, out in the car with the windows closed in the hot sun as the temperature inside will be much higher than the outdoors
  • Take frequent baths with tepid or coo) water to keep your body cool
  • The nights may become humid and your sheets sweaty, so in order to avoid this, place bed sheets in a plastic cover and freeze them in the freezer.
  • Use the chilled sheets to keep yourself cool during the nights
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine during summers as they dehydrate the body
  • Sip cool water as much as you can. If you are tired of plain water, opt for infused water. It will keep you cool and will also protect you from dehydration
  • Cover your head whenever you leave the indoors and use a cap, scarf or stole

Safety Tip

Do not step out of the house at the hottest time of the day and always protect and prepare yourself to enjoy the summers.

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