Simple Yet Effective Tips To Sleep Better

Simple Yet Effective Tips To Sleep Better

Deep and concentrated breathing brings about physiological changes which serve as relaxation, not just for our physical body but for our mind as well

Health is the most essential aspect of our life and sleep is perhaps one of the most important aspects for good health. Good healthy sleep can affect the immune system, metabolism, memory, learning, alertness, and even life performance.

If there is trouble in sleeping through the night or a feeling of being sleepy in the morning, it may be a warning that your sleeping habits need to be evaluated. This is the time to find out how you can get deeper sleep and also how you can fall asleep faster – just with some lifestyle changes. When you struggle to fall asleep, practice some relaxation activity, like reading, silently observing your breath or maybe reverse counting with your eyes closed.

Just as food is important to survive, sleep is vital for a healthy physical and mental state. Therefore, if sleep is evading you and you’ve been longing for a good night’s sleep daily, here are some tips and tricks that may help you drift off to dreamland!

Concentrate On Your Breathing

Silent, deep and self-aware breathing is one of the most powerful, ancient and most effective way to clear tension and stress. It is also one of the best ways to relax for night-time sleep. Deep and concentrated breathing bring about physiological changes which serve as relaxation, not just for our physical body but for our mind as well. Moreover, breathing can help to slow down heart rate, improve metabolism and manage blood pressure too.

Follow these steps to get the correct and effective breathing technique:

  • Lie down straight and comfortably on the bed with your eyes closed
  • Take several breaths – preferably do some deep inhalation and exhalation
  • Gradually shift your concentration on your heart beat and observe every heartbeat of yours
  • Now start counting each breath and preferably opt to reverse count – it can be 50 to O or 20 to O whichever is suitable
  • Stay focused on your breathing and as soon as the counting is over, you will be almost drowsy. However, mentally chant the word, ‘relax.’ Breathing is simple and you can practice it whenever you feel stressed, down or anxious

Give Yourself Positive Affirmation

Affirmative positive statements which are for the self, have been shown to be useful for changing beliefs and behaviors. Here’s a positive affirmation with regard to sleep – ‘I sleep peacefully every night.’ Repeat this in your head during the day and at a bedtime. Feel this statement and the peace every time you chant it, to create a belief in your system for sleep.

Write Your Thoughts In A Journal

There are times when your mind simply won’t turn off, due to your daily stress activities. A good way out is to write about all your daytime activities in your diary and express all your feelings like you are discussing it with someone. This way, all the stress will leave your head and will be transferred onto paper. This practice will help you feel easy and calm from within and will also make it easier for you to fall asleep.

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