Will Your Relationship Be Long-Lasting?

Will Your Relationship Be Long-Lasting?

Everybody loves to think that their relationship is forever, but in reality, no one actually knows what the future may hold. Relationships that last for long are the result of partners embedding themselves in the brains of each other, and becoming ‘us’ from ‘l.’ While it’s almost impossible to predict the future of your relationship, here are some clues that can indicate whether it will be a long-lasting one.

You Have Similar Goals
Sometimes, a relationship’s success is solely based on chance. If you and your partner have similar goals, it becomes a big factor in determining whether you’re in it for the long haul.

You Respect Each Other Deeply
This one doesn’t need any explanation – mutual respect for each other is paramount to the success Of any relationship. Honesty, friendship, trust and intimacy act as the foundation on which a long-lasting relationship is built. Without these factors, there’s nothing left.

You Have Your Own Way Of Communication:
Conflicts are a part of any relationship but when you’re in a healthy relationship, you’ll be able to resolve any conflict by discussing the matter through your own way of communication.

You Don’t Behave Like A Curfew Officer:
You know that your partner is going to have some time with friends and s/he is going to spend some nights out. But you also know him/her very well to be sure that s/ he is going to come home when it’s time. And you respect that judgment Of ‘it’s time.’

You Admit When You’re Wrong
For many people, the pain of admitting their fault in an argument is next to impossible. But if you’re in a long-lasting relationship, both of you will let each other know that you’re sorry and quickly move on, which in turn would indicate your relationship surviving the long-term.

A healthy, long-lasting relationship consists of two partners wishing to put in similar effort, consistently. Amazing relationships aren’t about give and take; instead, they’re all about giving, sharing and caring.

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