Simple, Exercises For Mind And Body Fitness

Simple, Exercises For Mind And Body Fitness

Before you start any bold move it’s important to first understand the biomechanics of your body

Technological facilities ensure that you can sit in one place and do tons of work without even moving, because in the modern world there are plenty of facilities but a lot of stress too. This is because the very same technology that can ease your work, has a damaging effect on your health and mind – if there is no movement in life, it means there is no mobility, no blood circulation and ultimately death of your internal and external system slowly and steadily!

If you add some movement in terms of exercise in life, you improve your blood circulation and detoxify your internal and external system, which will surely make you feel better and fresher. Unfortunately, there is hardly any effort in modern society to do any physical workouts, resulting in problems like hypertension, blood sugar, high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, small intestine bacteria growth, and autoimmune conditions.

The good news is that you don’t need to do very intense workouts to lose weight and get fit. Some basic simple exercises too, can make your body and mind strong as well as calm. But you certainly need the combination of both, to remain serene at all times. If you run like a marathon runner that will destroy your ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the long run. And if you start heavy weight lifting, eventually, in the long run, this can make your muscles sore and increase the chances of injury.

Hence, you need to do medium-paced workouts to be safe and stay away from injury. For this, you need to include different kinds of workouts during the whole week in your workout routine. Also, the slower you go in your workout routine, the stronger you become. It’s important to first understand the biomechanics of your body, before you start any bold move. So consider hiring a good coach to teach you the best moves. Here are some easy exercises you can try for overall well-being.

Stretching And Breathing Exercises

Always try to do one session of stretches in a week. You can do breathing exercises every day for 15 minutes in a day.


Hamstring Wide Leg Standing Stretch
Wide leg hamstring stretches is good for your whole posterior chain. Stand in a wide leg stance and slowly move your hands towards your feet. If you can reach down to your toes it is good, Breath. After holding your breath for a couple of seconds, release it and come up slowly.

Rolling On Your Back
Lie down on the ground and keep both your knees close to your chest, Now, roll like children do, on your back in a rock and roll motion. This stretch reduces tremendous pressure from your lower back.


Close your eyes and focus on normal breathing. If you are breathing short from your chest, then focus on long and slow breathing, as it will relax your mind. Remember, the longer the breath the longer the oxygen supply and better the brain work.

Alternate Breathing Exercises
Close one nostril and breathe in from the other. Now open the other nostril and breathe out. Repeat this for five rounds, each side. This will increase your lung capacity and at the same time, the flow of oxygen.

Cardio Workouts

Spot Jogging
Stand in one place and slowly start jogging. Slowly, lift one knee and then the other, keep bouncing alternately and increase your speed slowly getting into a rhythm.

Tap Your Knees And Tap Ankles
Stand in a comfortable stance and lift one knee and tap your ankle with the opposite hand. Now repeat the same on the other side. Increase the speed slowly, as this is a coordination exercise along with cardio. Note how you are using the opposite hand and the opposite ankle.

Strength Workouts

This is a very basic and old strength workout. Just get down on your knees and keep your hands shoulder-width apart, while taking your chest towards the ground. If you are new to this exercise, keep your knees on the ground. If you are at an advanced stage, keep your knees off the ground. Remember to keep your core tight and strong to hold the balance of your whole body. Go down towards the ground slowly and come up slowly. Breathe.

Balance Workout
Stand on one leg for 30 seconds. This could be challenging but it will help you to increase your balance. Initially, stand close to the wall to get your balance, because you should not drop your leg down, before 30 seconds are up.

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