Lasik Eye Surgery: Refractive Error Correction Overview, Vision Correction

Refractive Error Correction And Lasik

Refractive errors are perhaps the most common eye problems. There are three basic types of errors – myopia (near sightedness), hyperopia (far sightedness) and astigmatism or distorted vision. And of all the errors of refraction, myopia is the most common.

Myopia Or Short Sightedness

The myopia vision problem affects the long distance sight of people and this is one of the refractive errors that has become more prevalent in recent years. This problem is associated with not being to see objects at a distance, dearly.

Myopia causes the light rays that enters the eyes. focus at a point in front of the retina instead of the surface of it. So, though the person can see objects nearby, he/she is unable to see objects at a distance This condition is also called short-sighted. A spectacle lens can manage the bending of the light and correct the error as well. Myopia can be corrected by spectacle lenses, contact lenses, or laser surgery.

Spectacles And Contact Lenses

Spectacles are commonly used for correcting a myopia vision problem. It the myopia is up to five dioptres which is, mild or moderate a spectacle correction for distance vision is prescribed. Contact lenses can maintain the size of the object, whereas spectacles cause a dear decrease in the size. So, in certain cases, contact lenses can be a good option to control myopia that progresses rapidly if not treated. For more effect, it’s better to opt for contact lenses at an early age and wear it regularly.

Lasik Eye Surgery: Modern Eye Correction Techniques

Eye Correction Through Lasik

Lasik is a popular refractive surgery procedure. A circular flap in the cornea is created by the surgeon in this procedure and an excimer laser is used to remove some corneal tissues. The flap is then replaced in the area where the tissue was removed.

Lasik can be beneficial for both nearsighted and farsighted people. In case of near sighted people, it aims to flatten the too-steep cornea and for farsighted people. it creates a steeper cornea. Moreover, excimer lasers correct astigmatism by smoothening and reshaping an irregular cornea.

There are many lasers available. The most advanced laser in the world is the Schwind Amans, a super-fast excimer laser which embodies all the latest refinements for laser vision correction. It embodies many new refinements which make the procedure very quick, safe and most importantly. it provides high calibre vision.

Eye Care During The Monsoons

Lasik Surgery And What It Involves

  • Lasik has gained popularity as a vison correction surgery and millions of people are fond of this technique as a way to reduce dependency on contact lenses and spectacles due to its safe and painless procedure.
  • It is an elective laser eye surgical procedure that improves vision by reshaping the front surface of the cornea.
  • Lasik can correct vision problems like farsightedness, near sightedness and astigmatism.
  • A person above twenty one years of age can undergo this procedure. However, his/her eyes should be healthy with a stable vision. Before going through the procedure one can consult with a qualified doctor or refractive surgeon.
  • For quick and effective result a Lasik surgery is the best. Up to eighty five per cent improvement in the eye acuity is found among patients who have undergone this surgery.
  • The surgery can be completed within a minute and It’s tree of pain with minimal discomfort. A feeling or sensation of a hair being in the eyes, may occur in case of some patients, but it goes away in three or four hours.
  • Lasik however, is prohibited for pregnant woman or for those who have eye injuries or other eye disease. It is also not permitted for people with some health hazards.
  • Lasik surgery is not for children and senior citizens and no lasers approved yet for it, unless for therapeutic reasons.
  • People who have undergone a Lasik surgery don’t face across any serious side-effects and it’s very rare to find anything, except sensitivity to light or blurred vision or tearing in case of some patients. These are not permanent and decrease over time.

Important Pointers
The surgery should be performed by an experienced Lasik surgeon to avoid any complication or risk during or after the procedure. And remember, you have less risk of complications when the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon, who has performed 1000 or more procedures.

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