Raising Well-Adjusted Happy Children

Raising Well-Adjusted Happy Children

To promote positive wellbeing for children, it is imperative to be mindful of his or her social, mental and physical life. From a child’s education to his or her social participation, health and emotions, it is the responsibility of both the parents to provide a positive environment for their children. It is also the responsibility of the government, the general public, guardians and the society as a whole to provide children with a safe, healthy and caring environment.

Children who live a lifestyle by which they can adopt a positive sense of themselves, have a healthy mind and body are seen to be in a better position to reach their full potential in lite. The negligence of the parents or the society as a whole can spoil a child’s life, making it harder for the individual, the parents and the society. We must not forget that children are the future. Therefore, it is important to nurture them to be good and healthy human beings.

Being Mindful Of Children’s Health

Parents are the first role models of every child. Promoting a healthy way of living can help them live according to those same mIes. At home, parents should store healthy, nutritious products like milk, nuts, fruits and vegetables and avoid the storing of junk food so that the children can eat fruits and other healthy products as snacks. It is also important to encourage kids to exercise daily to boost their immunity and stay fit.

Providing A Safe And Secure Environment

The environment or the society a child is brought up in. has a great influence on how he or she grows up. They need a safe home and a local area to play in. It a child has a lack of privacy, safety or adequate facilities, it may lead to the child getting affected. Research has shown that children who have moved to new homes more than once have lower levels of wellbeing compared to the other children who have not moved often. And also, children who share bedrooms have lower levels of wellbeing.

Promoting Mental Wellbeing

Emotional and social wellbeing can also be termed as mental health. It has nothing to do with mental illness. Mental health is the capacity to control one’s thoughts, behaviour and feelings in a positive way so that one can enjoy lite. Children too can face developmental disorders like anxiety, schizophrenia and autism and attention deficit disorder, ¡t neglected. They need additional care and support. The following are some tips on how to support a children.

  • Avoid being harsh or overly controlling.
  • Encourage involvement in the child’s development. activity and health.
  • Avoid conflict, criminal behaviour or violence ¡n the family and community.
  • Encourage social interactions.
  • Conduct practical and cooperative activities that encourages social skills, communication, problem solving and negotiation.
  • Encourage children to show empathy for others and also to understand their own feelings.
  • Provide secure and safe surroundings.
  • The children need playmates and it parents turn to be their playmates, it makes them happier.

Fostering A Positive Relationship

Every child needs and wants a good and healthy relationship with the people they care for and love. Having an uncaring and weak relationship can be a major cause for a child feeling low. A stable relationship with their family members and blends is very important for their wellbeing. Friendship becomes important, especiaHy for children growing up in social isolation.

The negligence of the parents or the society as a whole can spoil a child’s life, making it harder for the individual, the parents and the society

Education And The School

Education is essential for every human being and it is necessary for maintaining the wellbeing of every individual. The environment of the school is also very important as it is part of a child’s life. Children need to feel secure in this environment and have a sense of belonging to the school. Therefore, the nature of the school can also reflect on the behavioural wellbeing of children.

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