Prevent Addiction with Vastu

Though there may be many cultural, social, financial and educational factors responsible for the serious world-wide problem known as drug abuse and addiction, but to a large extent, Vastu may be helpful in tackling this challenge faced by society. Professional stress, unhealthy family atmosphere, unemployment, peer pressure, western influence, and illiteracy are the topmost and most common influences that encourage this social evil to prevail.

Vastu itself does not perform any miracle, but boosts positive vibes, defrays unhealthy energy forces and generates the feeling of concern towards the assenting effects. After all, vastu is nothing but living in harmony with nature.

Vastu And The Environment

Various visible and concealed factors play the role of transmitters and tender minds become the receivers of this phenomenon. It is a known truth that negative and positive vibrations get transmitted to soft targets and slowly creep into the social system from an individual to the family and from the family to the society. Identifying, controlling and shredding it forever are the best tools, but tackling this situation requires great care and tactful handling. In such a case, vastu helps create, enhance and maintain a sustainable positive environment that is largely responsible for tackling the serious challenge of drug abuse.

Harnessing Positive Vibes (In the north east corner)

Older family members should ensure a tradition by making every day a learning day to nourish cultural heritage. Self analysis, introspection for mental and physical growth should be practised individually while sitting in any open area or courtyard located between middle of east and middle of north, the holy space meant for wisdom. According to vastu shastra, healthy discussions to develop good habits get activated In the mornings.

Besides this, control mechanisms should be part of everyday life and performed facing the east in the morning. Reading habits should be developed in the family and a library should be created in the north eastern zone, which is a positive area for mental nourishment. Vastu recommends receiving the morning sun rays which blesses with character, spirituality and sense of giving and taking respect. The sum total of the above will lead to a systematic routine and a responsible attitude towards family and siblings.

Improving Buildings’ Health

In modern vastu, sick building syndrome is a topic of great concern because a modern lifestyle is instigating us to create something new in the building. In order to avoid insects, dust, air and light, heavy curtains, tightly spread venetian blinds, fixed window panes, tightly dosed doors and windows etc. collectively cause the symptoms of sick building that has no natural light, no natural air, no sun rays and certainly no openness. This makes the internal building environment messy, congested and heavily loaded with unnecessary furniture and showpieces. As per vastu tenets, cluttering invites negative vibes.

Such messy interiors block comfort levels and turns the whole system negative. The dark corners and cluttered space gives birth to isolation, worries, aloofness, individualistic approach and other similar negative side effects. In such a situation, there are chances that one becomes unfriendly and wanders towards distress. In order to settle such situations one tends to diverge towards all the bad habits including drug abuse. Hence, it is strongly suggested in vastu science to create a lively environment in the house that is blessed with abundant positive vibrations created with natural light, fresh air, soft sun rays and a widely spread horizon.

Holistic Approach

The north-east sub direction is regarded as the ¡shaan comer in vastu. Here ¡shaan may be defined as the direction of Gods. Hence ¡t is advised to create a prayer room in this direction so that the religious environment gets accelerated in the house. Religious tunes like Gayatri Mantra, Mahamrityunjay, Durga Shaptshati etc. should be heard every morning, or it can be other religious offerings which vary from religion to religion and faith to faith.

There should be few religious posters or paintings in the lobby and drawing room which cleanse the interiors. Children should be trained from childhood that while going out from the house, they should remember God and say a silent thank you prayer after coming back. It is an established fact that religious devotion works as a filter of vibrations, hence it is the best holistic approach.

Create A Positive Environment

According to Vedic Vastu Shastra, there should not be any pictures of wild animals, drowning ships, hurricanes, skeletons, beggars, weeping crowds and other such negative objects in the house. These leave an impact on the mind and depresses the environment. Instead of these, use portraits of great persons, national heroes, poets and others who are successful. Pictures and paintings of landscapes, flowers, rising sun etc. are the best interior boosters as per vastu. They boost the aura of the house and that is transmitted to the people of the house. The subtle energy vibrations cannot be seen but their impact works wonders.

The wall colours should be light or pastel. Dark brown, black and dark grey are negative colours, hence should not be used in inside rooms. Similarly, doors and windows should be opened each morning for a few minutes for cross ventilation to rejuvenate positive energy. Provocative artefacts, images and paintings like anger, warriors, stunts etc. should be kept at bay.

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