Excellent Health Benefits of Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, Anulom Vilom Pranayama

Healthy Living With Pranayama

Pranayama is a very important breathing technique of yoga and implies the taking in of a universal cosmic energy under our being and stretching or unfolding this energy inside our own very bodies

The essence of pranayama is in breathing. One breath of course is imagined to contain the life force of all existence. Pranayama is essentially the regulation of breathing through which we can control mental stress and physical diseases. The term Pranayama itself can be divided in to two prana referring to the energizing force of the universe and ayama essentially meaning to stretch or prolong. Combining these two, the word itself implies the taking n of a universal cosmic energy under our being and stretching or unfolding this energy inside our own very bodies. Pranayama is a very important breathing exercise of yoga.

Being mentally gratified and content has a lot of importance when it comes to pranayama. The idea being when you are suffering from depression or worries about the trivialities of your daily lite, the prana in your body diminishes and your situation becomes awful. Pranayama is necessary to keep the essential life force inside you that helps everyone cope with the pressures of society. There are different kinds of pranayama techniques. Here, we list a few of them.


A very important breathing technique involved in pranayama, this involves forced deep inhalation. This method, done repeatedly has the potential to oxygenate blood and revitalize the tissues of one’s organs. It should be practiced for the maximum of two minutes for the best results and could be practiced through any sitting position.


This breathing technique directs you to inhale normally but you are expected to put forceful stress on your exhalations until your lungs do not contain air at all. There are multiple time frames for following this form of pranayama. Although experienced practitioners can go up to 120 rounds of this technique without stopping, people who have been recently introduced to yoga are advised to stick to the maximum of 10 rounds.

Anulom Vilom Pranayama

This involves alternate nostril breathing. One has to breathe steadily though the right nostril while blocking the left and exhaling through your left nostril while blocking the right. This pattern should be alternated by breathing in through your left nostril and exhaling through your right in the next round. This method is only meant to be done properly under the guidance of an expert, as the ratio of exhalation and inhalation is eventually meant to change for proper results, It should also be noted that people with cardiac problems and blood pressure should not attempt this method.

In essence, the technique of pranayama is very important to keep the mind alert and stress-tree. The employment of consistent breathing techniques also has the added benefit of positively contributing to weight loss. Overall, this breathing exercise can only bring an improvement in our modern lifestyles.

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