Making Winter Warmer For The EIderIy

Making Winter Warmer For The EIderIy

India is a country where one can experience all kinds of extreme weather conditions. Summers are extremely hot and winters are very cold with even snow in some parts of the country. low temperatures and tricky roads. And though the cold weather affects all, it is the elderly who get the most affected during this season. However, there are a number of ways by which the elderly can stay safe and happy, even if it is cold. Here, we have mentioned a few pointers.

Stay Warm
A lot of old people are very prone to hypothermia, because of which temperatures inside the house need to be kept high. Also, it is important for them to wear warm clothes and layers if necessary. When going out, they need to wear woollen gloves, scarfs, socks, jackets and caps to keep warm. As very low temperatures can lead to lung damage, they should avoid breathing in very cold air.

Stock Up
It is important to always keep a stock of the essentials, like warm jackets. blankets, batteries, food and water. If the weather gets too cold, the elderly should stay warm by exercising indoors to keep body temperature high.

Avoid Driving
Refrain from going out when the weather is bad. The older generation do not have the same reflexes as younger people, which might lead to accidents. Therefore, the elderly should avoid driving when the roads are not clear. Also, the vehicles they use, must be regularly serviced with new lyres and a new battery.

Healthy Diet
Eating healthy during the winters is important for elderly people. as improper nutrition can lead to problems. They should eat a lot of variety, especially foods rich in vitamin D, for calcium absorption and for increasing the immunity. Also, drinking a lot of water is advisable and eating stews, drinking tea, coffee and soups will help stay warm.

Keep The House Warm
During the winters, it ¡s very important to keep the house warm. Make sure the elderly utilize gas heaters, fireplaces and lanterns to heat the rooms. All these work very well and are perfectly safe.

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