Life Hacks To Wake Up Early In The Morning

Life Hacks To Wake Up Early In The Morning

Being an anti-morning evangelist was easy until the importance of rising with the Sun was too good to ignore. Waking up early, during Brahma Muhurta, boosts our energy levels, moods and workout habits, apart from giving us the extra, peaceful ‘me’ time. This also keeps depression away and helps you accomplish more stuff than usual as well. So, it just got a lot easier to hate mornings less and find better ways to reap the benefits of the early mornings.

Prepare Yourself

The initial struggle is very real to break age-old habits. Visualizing the fantasy helps it become a reality sooner. Picture yourself waking up early and running through the things you want to accomplish in the morning. It could be as simple as a morning jog or even honing your math skills. Lay out your jogging tracks and shoes ready at nights so that you can get up and get moving quickly!

Get Enough Sleep

Early to bed, early to rise, but sleep no less than seven hours. An average human needs seven to eight hours of sleep every day for the body and brain to heal itself. Sleeping late and yet trying to hick- start the morning early will bog you down through the day. Adjust your bedtime gradually and start sleep an hour early until you start waking up at your ideal early hour.

Check Food Habits

When we don’t sleep properly, we crave for unhealthy food. When we eat unhealthy food, you guessed it, it keeps us up at nights. We don’t want to get trapped in this vicious cycle. Watch what you eat after 2 PM and avoid caffeine, heavy meals and alcohol. Don’t keep your body processing food when all it should be doing is unwinding and relaxing when you hit the sack.

Keep Calm

To rest completely, and to scroll through social media while your body rests are two different things. Using electronic devices keeps your eyes and mind active even when you’re lying down and all set to doze off. It is not easy to completely rest as battle lightisan.actiygeygnulant. Try listening to music or a warm ease yourself into the night.

Motivate Yourself

Reward yourself when you wake up early. Let your mind believe waking up early is a good thing. You could try revisiting an old hobby. Whatever excites you, can pull you out of your warm and comfortable bed. Wake Up With The Sun Allow sunlight into your bedroom and you-can wake up more naturally. As light is a stimulant, it helps your body to revive faster from slumber if you bask in the sunshine. You would be surprised to find how serene it is.

It might take a while to become a morning person but hang on, it is absolutely worth it.

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