Keeping Your Feet Happy During The Rains

Keeping Your Feet Happy During The Rains

Enjoying the monsoon season is quite easy, but enjoying a healthy monsoon is not an easy task, as there are a host of problems that you can come across and particularly when your feet come in contact with dirty rain water. So, if you want your feet to be happy, follow these few pointers for a joyful monsoon experience!

Choose The Right Footwear
Avoid wearing closed shoes or sandals since they tend to accumulate water. Wear shoes that let your feet breathe, because if you opt for closed shoes, when your feet get wet with the rain, it will be worse. This could lead to corns and other feet infections which might create more problems for your feet.

Keep Your Footwear Clean
It’s not only about choosing the right footwear, but also about keeping it clean and dry. You should clean your footwear when you come back home to keep bacteria at bay.

Keep Your Feet Dry
It your footwear gets soaked in rainwater, make sure to dry your feet as soon as you reach home. Also, clean your feet properly before drying it and moisturize it before you go to bed.

Powder Your Feet
It you have a problem of sweaty feet, it’s better to powder your feet before putting on your footwear. In case you wear socks, powder them as well.

Get A Pedicure
Your feet are most exposed to bacteria during the monsoons. And since you do not get enough time to let your feet breathe properly, you should get regular pedicures done to curb the build-up of bacteria. Get the pedicure done on every alternate week for better results.

Make Your Own Foot Mask
There are different types of foot masks available these days; you can make one at home as well. Leave the foot mask on for 15-20 minutes to get smooth, crack-free skin.

Cut Your Nails
During this season, bacteria may accumulate in your nails, so make sure your toe nails are cut properly. But in case you want to keep long toe nails, ensure that they are clean at all times.

Exfoliate But With Caution
Though you should exfoliate your feet during the monsoons, keep it in mind that it should not be too harsh on your skin as this can cause injury. Remember, if you are already suffering with cracked feet, it may get worse with exfoliating.

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