How Toxic Foods Harm Your Teeth

How Toxic Foods Harm Your Teeth

“Junk foods harm the teeth in the most detrimental way as they are a major cause for decay of the teeth and the breakdown of tooth enamel”

What you eat and drink definitely has a powerful impact on your oral condition and it is rightly said that, ‘you are what you eat.’ This adage especially holds true, when it comes to your teeth. Your teeth, mouth and gums are tar more than just tools for eating, they play a vital role in helping you chew and swallow. But acid or toxins are your teeth’s worst enemy.

Since the mouth is an initial point of contact, all the nutrients you consume, reflect on your dental condition. Thus, all that goes into your mouth impacts not only your overall health, but also affects your oral health. In fact, an intake of foods poor in nutrition, often have an adverse impact on your mouth.

The Breakdown Of Tooth Enamel

Junk foods harm the teeth in the most detrimental way as they are a major cause for decay of the teeth and the breakdown of tooth enamel. The major culprits here are sugar based foods, toxic and non-nutritional foods. Consuming rich sugary foods throughout the day, might make you fall prey to the sugar trap!

Sugars contribute to providing bacteria that produces acids which get accumulated in your enamel and slowly progress towards disintegrating and wearing out your tooth enamel. Starches found in breads, grains, cereals and salad dressings contain added sugar which can accelerate your tooth decay process.

Excess Of Toxic Intake

Toxic food ingestion can almost hijack your child’s oral health. Due to the continuous tug of war that takes place in a child’s mind, he/she might often pay no heed to your constant warnings about the hazardous toxic intake. The mouth is often considered to be a powerhouse of bacteria that are both beneficial and harmful to the oral environment.

An excess of toxic intake triggers damaging bacteria to produce enamel eroding acids. These further make way for cavities and bacterial infections which when untreated, can cause a hole in the enamels. These cavities have the ability to go way past the enamel, entering the deepest tooth layers causing discomfort and most likely, a tooth loss.

Enhance Salivation For Tooth Health

It’s recommended to stimulate the flow of your saliva if you wish to bathe your pearly whites in minerals, with an added benefit of toxic cut down. Ways that help enhance saliva are by chewing sugar-free gums and reloading your diet with fibrous fruits and vegetables. Also, an efficient way to overpower harmful toxins is by the consumption of green and organic teas. Thus, it would be wise to remember that consuming tooth-damaging foods result in faded enamel, diminished tooth whiteness, cracking of crowns and ageing of the mouth, before time. So, make sure you stay clear of such foods.


Your teeth might be under constant attack by acids, but there is good news for you. This impairment can be constantly inverted, thanks to a process known as remineralization. This procedure substitutes all the lost minerals, thus firming the tooth all over again? Saliva has a key role to play in the replacement of minerals. Minerals like calcium and phosphates present in the saliva help overhaul the teeth, Nevertheless, being cautious and limiting your toxic intake is very essential if you wish to give your mouth a fighting chance to repair the mutilation.

Sugar And Starch Laden Toxins

Aerated drinks, canned and diet drinks filled with ample amounts of sugar and flavour-enhancing organic acid content greatly damage the teeth. These sugar loaded toxins contain acids like citric and phosphoric which can lead to teeth erosion. Health and sport drinks also contain a burst of toxins, artificial flavours and are full of sugar. The acids present in them tend to stick between the teeth causing tooth aches and problems.

Caramels, candies, lollipops and gooey delights are the worst when it comes to oral hygiene as these stick stubbornly to the tooth surface. In case these are consumed, make sure they are in your mouth only for a brief time. Dried foods like raisins and apricots too are no less than caramels since they cling to the enamels.

Due to the drying up of water, these foods have highly concentrated sugar levels. The non-soluble cellulose fibre present in them can trap sugars around the tooth worsening the condition. Also, starchy foods like potato chips, French fries and pasta are a big no! Although not sweet in taste, the starch present in them is converted to sugar and these easily lodge between the crevices of the teeth.

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