How To Avoid A Sugar Overload This Christmas

How To Avoid A Sugar Overload This. Christmas

Christmas would feel incomplete without the customary desserts and a mouth-watering selections of cakes, truffles and puddings. However, it is important to keep a check on your sugar intake and not go overboard! So here some tips on how to enjoy the festive season in a healthy way, without giving up on your favourite foods.

Opt For Healthy Sugar Swaps
Instead of adding sugar in your desserts, substitute it with natural sweeteners such as dates or evaporated cane juice. Switch to coconut sugar instead of brown sugar, as it contains less fructose. Or try using gluten-free flours as a replacement for white and wheat flours. However, ensure that these swaps still provide the sweetness and texture as that of the original.

Eat Moderately And Watch Your Portion Sizes
Enjoy your occasional indulgence, but in moderation. Instead of gorging on an entire Piece of cake, limit it to a bite or two. Make it a habit to read labels and get an idea of the calorie content of your food. Also, opt for low-calorie delicacies as far as possible.

Make Smart Food Choices
Choose delicacies that come with minimal cream toppings or without artificial flavours and sweeteners. Also, cutting down on the amount of sugar in a dessert can often give you roughly the same taste. There are also a lot of regional Indian delicacies that use dry fruits and dates to cut down on the sugar content.

Divert Your Mind
The fresh whiff of warm chocolate may tempt you to buy some decadent cake from a nearby bakery. So find ways to outsmart your cravings. Have a fruit or munch on some nuts instead. Else step out for a walk or listen to music.

Do Not Store Excess Sweets At Home
Give up on the habit of storing sweets and chocolates at home. By doing so, you will be able to cut down your cravings and restrict your sugar intake, the rest of the time. This way a little indulgence of cake on Christmas won’t hurt!

As it may not be easy to cut down your sweet intake completely, try to enjoy a few bites of your favourite delicacies with a bit of planning and mindful eating. Opt for healthier substitutes and keep your blood sugar levels under control. Also, ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, to flush out toxins accumulated in your body.

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