Quitting Sugar For A Healthier Life

Quitting Sugar For A Healthier Life

Not many can resist the temptation of a sweet dish or anything sweet! But studies have proved that sugar is one of the main causes for the development of some devastating diseases we all fear. Agreed that quitting sugar is difficult, but the health benefits are countless and if followed diligently, the results will be visible within a span of a few weeks!

Benefits Of Giving Up Sugar

Flawless Beauty
Cutting on sugar lowers down glucose levels in your bloodstream, thereby reducing acute and chronic inflammation related to ageing. Thus, you will get flawless and glowing skin, within two weeks of giving up sugar!

More Happy
You might think that eating a sweet or chocolate will make you happy but the consumption of sweet leads to depression in the long run. So the less sweet foods you consume, the more are the chances of you remaining happy.

Weight Loss
Having refined sugar in your diet increases your craving for sweets and ultimately leads to weight gain. so cutting down even a minute amount of sugar can be helpful in losing body weight.

Lowers The Risk Of Flu And Cold
Sugar leads to chronic inflammation, which further lowers one’s immune response to fight against harmful bacteria, responsible for cold and flu. Cutting down sugar also reduces respiratory disorders like allergy and asthma.

Decreases Diabetes Mellitus
Once your wean off sugar from your life, your pancreas will gradually produce less insulin and will hence maintain blood glucose levels without impairing normal body functions.

Increases Life Expectancy
Sugar intake increases unhealthy blood fats called triglycerides in the blood, which risk your life with stroke and heart disease. Cutting down on sugar can save you from all these risks and also help you live longer.

Great Smile And Fresh Breath
We all know that sugar is the main cause of cavities, because it interacts with bacteria in the mouth to form the acid which leads to tooth decay. So avoiding sugar will not only prevent tooth decay but will also improve your breath.

Restful Sleep
To have a peaceful sleep, avoid having sugary snacks before bed. Eating sugar has an impact on stress hormones, which when increased, leads to insomnia. So when you avoid sweet treats, especially at night, you will go into a deep slumber and wake up refreshed.

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