How A Morning Jog Can Improve Your Health

How A Morning Jog Can Improve Your Health

From improving your cardiovascular and respiratory system to aiding in weight loss and boosting your mood, jogging does it all and even more. Without putting your body under strain (as running often does), jogging helps you to stay in shape and have a pleasant temperament. Here’s how a morning jog can improve your health.

Enhances Your Cardiovascular System

Jogging strengthens your heart muscles, which improves the heart’s capability to pump blood to your lungs, as well as all through the entire body. This causes more blood flow to your muscles, which make the blood oxygen level rise. This improves your cardiovascular fitness by preventing the build-up of plaque in your arteries and blood vessels. At the same time, jogging reduces your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure too.

Improves Your Respiratory System

Jogging improves your lung function by boosting the exchange of gasses in the alveoli (minuscule air sacs in lungs) and improving oxygen’s absorption into the bloodstream. Together, with increasing your body’s overall oxygen intake, jogging also ensures its efficient use in various bodily functions.

Strengthens Your Muscles Bones And Joints

Jogging strengthens your muscles to make them work more efficiently. Your diaphragm (that controls your breathing) benefits the most, as it makes your lungs get filled with more air, which in turn means more oxygen intake to help various body functions. Being a gentle sport, jogging also helps your leg muscles to grow stronger without making them grow massive. This exercise strengthens the bones in addition to keeping the joints more flexible and strong as well.

Promotes Mental Health

A morning jog improves your mood and reduces anxiety, stress, and depression by releasing endorphins (often called the feel-good hormones).

Aids Weight Loss

For every mile you jog, you burn roughly 150 calories. Therefore, jogging every morning provides you with an opportunity to increase the calories you burn in the long run, which in turn helps you lose extra weight and to stay in shape. So, just put on your jogging shoes and get started with your journey towards overall fitness.

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