Heal The Gut With Homeopathy

Heal The Gut With Homeopathy

The gut is also referred to as the second brain. It is the only organ in the whole body which can boost its own independent nervous system, It is one of the sources of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter for the brain and which regulates basic physiological functions and mental processes such as learning, memory, and mood. The gut also plays a very important role in keeping the immune system healthy, because a healthy gut absorbs nutrients effectively, but a compromised gut cannot.


The lining of the small intestine has some small finger-like projections called villi, which increases the surface area of the gut to create a huge area for absorption. In fact, the small intestine alone has approximately 250 square meters of surface area which is roughly the size of a tennis court! One may follow a very good diet, but may still not be able to absorb nutrients efficiently, this is because if the Villi are functioning well and healthy, then absorption is effective and efficient.

The Role Of Gut Flora

  • The gut is home to many bacteria and other microorganisms which help in the following:
  • Digestion of food
  • Protection of gut bacteria
  • Transport of key substances – this is because gut bacteria create by-products that play a vital role in the transport of minerals, vitamins, water, and ases
  • Dietary fibre can only be digested in the presence of healthy gut bacteria
  • The synthesis of various vital nutrients and neurotransmitters

Immune Function

The deficiency of beneficial gut bacteria can cause some key immune cells called Neutrophils and Macrophages (these literally gobble up nasty invaders) to be unable to function properly. Hence, a compromised gut not only means a compromised immune system, but also an under-functioning brain due to the decreased synthesis of essential neurotransmitters.

Homeopathy For Gut Health

Homeopathic medicines work in a different way. In every illness, they boost immunity to fight against the infection, unlike any antibiotic which not only kills the invading harmful bacteria, but also the beneficial ones. So homeopathy is one of the best ways to treat your gut, as it should not be taken lightly.

Minor illnesses of the gut can progress into a major issue if the health of the gut is compromised by harsh treatments or ignorance. There are various medicines in homeopathy which can provide miraculous results in some serious problems of the gut. Here is a list of some of these medicines:

  • Nux Vomica
  • Pulsatilla
  • China
  • Arsenic Album
  • Lycopodium
  • Colocynth
  • Carbo ve
  • Ipecac

The above-mentioned medicines are the most indicated medicines when it comes to gut issues. But these medicines should not be consumed without consultation and dvice from a certified homeopath. However, homeopathy can be one f the safest treatments for all types of gut-related issues.

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