Hair Dye And Its Dangerous Side Effects

Hair Dye And Its Dangerous Side Effects

Colouring the hair in the form of streaking to make it look stylish or to cover grey hairs, has become an important aspect of grooming for women and men alike, it is also quite routine, but what we don’t realise is, that regularly colouring the hair may be the cause of several health hazards.

In addition to using colouring agents. the hair dyes sometimes contain colourless substances such as aromatic amines or phenols. And in the presence of hydrogen peroxide, these substances go through a chemical reaction to become darker hair dyes.

Hair dyes also contain PPD (a chemical which is the main source of concern found in hair dyes) and ammoniated mercury metallic chemicals. If the hair dye does not contain PPD, it may have a higher concentration of lead, mercury and toxic metals. These have a bleaching action which enhances the colour of the hair. Peroxide breaks down melanin in the hair shaft to lighten the hair.

Hair Colours And Its Effects

Hair dye may also contain some other chemical ingredients like coal tar, formaldehyde, paraben, phthalates, SLS, SLES, toluene, fragrance and hydroquinone.

The most common way to get exposed to the chemicals in hair dye is to dye the hair. Some chemicals in the hair dye can be absorbed in small amounts through the skin or inhaled from the fumes. People who work with hair dye as a part of their jobs such as hairdressers, stylist and barbers are likely to be exposed to these chemical ingredients.

Hazardous Effects Of Using Hair Dye

Hair Fall And Hair Thinning
The harmful colouring agents in hair dyes can cause severe damage to the hair in terms of making it weak. Due to the chemicals’ effect the hair breaks easily and the result is hair fall and hair thinning.

Allergic Reaction
The most common allergic reaction to hair dye is dermatitis of the eyes, ears, scalp and face which may include rash, swelling and burning of the scalp. Therefore, it is advisable to take an allergy test before using any hair dye products.

Persulphates are the chemicals found in bleaching agents and hair dyes. And most commercial hair products contain 60 per cent of these. The continued inhalation of persuiphates can lead to cough. throat discomfort and wheezing.

Breast Cancer
The chemical PPD does not only cause an allergic reaction, but can also lead to the development of breast cancer. It is an endocrine disrupting chemical that may increase the risk of breast cancer.

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