Exercises To Boost Your Lung Capacity

Exercises To Boost Your Lung Capacity

‘A well-built strong respiratory system enhances your breathing, which equals to an accelerated level of oxygen for your muscles, offering more strength and endurance”

Exercises That Improve Lung Health

Cardio Exercises

The best way to increase the capacity of your lungs is to perform cardio workouts for about 30 minutes. Some of the best forms of cardiovascular exercises to develop lung capacity are swimming, jogging, running and even going to the gym and doing high-intensity exercises.


These exercises have a prime role to play in improving the capacity of your lungs. Aerobics make a large group of muscles move at a rhythmic speed. It fortifies your heart and lungs and in turn, improves the body stamina. This process allows the body to utilize oxygen in a more efficient manner, further enhancing your breathing levels.

Breathe Healthy

Oxygen is an essential element to augment the metabolic functioning of the cells for the body to survive. Lungs form the most vital organ of a greater system that transports oxygen all day long. An enriched functioning of the lungs safeguards you from the onset of any form of ailments as well.

Additionally, a superior lung capacity not only progresses stamina but also generally results in improved overall health. A well-built, strong respiratory system enhances your breathing which equals to an accelerated level of oxygen for your muscles, offering more strength and endurance. Yet, we pay very little heed to the training of our lungs and lay a lot of importance on training our legs, biceps. shoulders, and so on.

But it you often experience a lung overdrive just before you reach atop a hill or when you reach towards the end of the speed interval and if your breath tends to become shallow and speedy and all that’s running through your mind is to pull in some more air to surge up the hill and you are also out of breath and gasping for air, then it’s time for you to know that even your lungs require exercises to stay in the best of health! Thus, here are various forms of exercises that can help upsurge your lung capacity and enhance your lung health.

Exercises That Strengthen The Lungs

Exercises that tighten your muscles are not only beneficial for your upper body, but also to increase the capacity of your lung functioning. These forms of workouts help to brace the muscles that help in breathing which in turn helps to expand the functioning of your lungs.

Balloon Blowing

A simple exercise like blowing balloons will also help to improve lung capacity. As you keep practicing it over and over, you will notice a difference in your lung capacity.

Training With A High Altitude Mask

A high altitude elevation training mask is an apparatus which you can use to improve your lung capacity. It’s a mask which has an inlet and outlet for the air (flux valve breathing system) to come in and go out. The inlet has different levels which reduces the flow of air through the inlet. The increase in air resistance encourages you to take deeper and fuller breathes, without giving it much thought. Deep breathing is equated to improved delivery of oxygen to muscles, thereby reducing fatigue and elevating endurance.

Water-Based Workouts

A workout in the water makes your body work harder, since water is a source of resistance. This activity reinforces lung capacity. Doing weight lifting and stretching exercises in the water also helps. Additionally, consistently running in water which is waist high, really helps increase your speed and at the same time challenge your lungs to work much harder, which in turn helps in growing the efficiency of your lungs enormously.

Yoga For Strong Lungs

The breathing exercise in yoga is a great way to attain healthy and strong lungs. The yogic movements like wheel, cobra, bridge and upward lacing dog poses, stretch and open the chest. Thus, the lungs are stimulated with these asanas. Asthma patients find these moves therapeutic.

An amplified lung capacity means more stamina and more overall fitness. You are also sure to feel stronger, experience elevated levels of energy and you will surely be able to meet your weight reduction goals. Thus, focus on strengthening your body from within and not just from the outside.

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