Enliven Your Spirit With Meditation.

Enliven Your Spirit With Meditation.

Fengshui is an ancient science that teaches us how to live in harmony with the Earth, By following its philosophies, we can attract good fortunes into our lives. Fengshui for the mind means enhancing your life through a healthy mind.

It means balancing the yin and yang energies on a deeper level of consciousness to bring out the best in you, for you. The healthy mind will unlock the magnificent inner ‘Chi,’ harmonise the inner rhythms and thus, encourage a person to become a success in whatever he/ she does.

However, to reach this energy source, we use meditation – slow rhythmic breathing to increase the ‘Ch! in us. Practitioners of meditation spend hours in raising their aura levels with their breath control. The body and mind are vehicles. You are the driver of the vehicle – the master. The vehicle is not the master. Similarly, your mind with its intelligence is not the master. But you have forgotten this completely and you have become a slave.

We are slaves not only to our intelligence, but also to technology. We prefer to spend time with our smartphones or video games, instead enjoying the beauty of Nature. Thus, we hardly have time to sit in a meditative trance and relax. The human mind is fickle enough to be anywhere, at a point of time, but meditation will harness it and teach it to be in the now! Hence, here are a few simple tips on how to stop your thoughts and allow your mind to enter the world of meditation with ease.

Practitioners of meditation spend hours in raising their aura levels with their breath control

Methods Of Meditation

Zen Walking
Zen walking is a slow exercise of walking in mindfulness. You take small steps and walk barefoot, touching each and every point from toe to heel to the Earth. The points of contact on the sole of the feet are connected to the nerves which turn inwards to the energy centres called chakras. This is a beautiful type of meditation for restless people who cannot sit down in meditation.

During this exercise, the back has to be straight and the neck and head have to be aligned with the back. Keep your eyes half-open and focused a few feet in Iront of you. As you walk, your breath has to lead your feet. The beauty of the Zen Walk is that it removes dead energies from the feet and grounds the ego.

Chakra Sound Meditation
Another exercise for mindfulness is the Chakra Sound Meditation method. The chakras are energy centres associated with certain body parts and organs which it provides with energy and every cha kra corresponds to specific aspects of human emotions. They vibrate at their highest level, if the individual is in sync with the Universe.

To do a Chakra Sound Meditation, sit in an upright position either in va)rasana or sukhasana. Breathe in softly and deeply and connect yourself to the Universal Reiki with your breathing. Once you feel you are ready – start a soft humming which has to be from the base of your throat. Visualise your breath travelling from the mooladhara chakra that is at the base of your spine to the sahasrara cha kra situated at the top of your head with each hum, Do this daily for a minimum of five minutes, twice a day.

This meditation is an excellent way of cleansing your chakras of any negativity and clearing any blockages in any chakras, which can ¡n turn help in removing ailments. In a nutshell, il you have any acute health problems, this mediation will help wonderfully to heal you.

Candlelight Meditation
Light a candle, sit in the vajrasana or the sukhasana and gaze at the flame. Close your eyes slowly, visualising the flickering of the flame between your eyebrows. Do this exercise for 15 minutes regularly, just before sleeping. The candle light meditation will burn negative thoughts and ¡t will cleanse your mind of the day’s happenings and give you quality sleep. This meditation also helps In improving concentration.

The mentioned meditations are for beginners and will help the practitioner to achieve a higher spiritual level. li you are one with yourself, suddenly you will realise you have become one with the Universe and your journey on this planet is going to be a fabulous one with smiles and happiness, because meditation is your master key to success.

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