Discover And Unleash Your Strengths!

Discover And Unleash Your Strengths!

When we do something that we enjoy and we are good at it, we naturally feel energised and true to ourselves. We also feel more resilient

Welcome to the second edition of the resilience series. Combining some of the best insights in psychology with practical techniques that you can integrate into your life instantly, discover some new ideas in facing life’s challenges with a renewed energy and motivation. This month’s focus on unleashing your strengths has been proven by psychologists globally, to be positively linked to growing your resilience. Thus, individuals and teams should be often challenged to use their strengths more. After all, your greatest potential lies in what you do best!

From Functioning To Flourishing

Understanding yourself is the first port of call for you to become more resilient. Reminding yourself about your strengths and achievements is a great step to take initially.

When we do something that we enjoy and we are good at it, we naturally feel energised and true to ourselves. We also feel more resilient. Yet, we are at times so obsessed about rectifying our weaknesses or focusing on other people’s shortcomings, that we lose sight of what makes us and them, unique.

Leading psychologists have identified that individuals have more scope for growth when their energy is invested in developing the strengths they possess, rather than correcting their perceived deficiencies. However, this does not mean you forget about your shortcomings but that you should consider changing the balance of where you focus your energies if you want to enhance your successes and well-being in life.

Focusing on your strengths in the right way can even help you correct some of your areas of development. According to a global strengths organization that has surveyed more than 10 million people worldwide, those who get a chance to focus on their strengths regularly, are six times more likely to be busy involved in their jobs and are more than three times likely to report having a fairy good quality of life.

Change For The Better

Focusing on one’s strengths has been linked to many positive character developments, including the ability to build the ‘resilience muscle,’ become more positive, confident and able to develop better relationships. An individual also feels more empowered to reframe and redefine a challenge, focusing more on solutions. Similarly, if you want to stop an unhealthy habit and replace it with a new one, you are much more likely to stick with your chosen new habit if you are enjoying it. So start today!

Begin Your Journey Of Self-Discovery

There are many ways by which you can understand your strengths better and also learn how to use them more effectively, no matter what your lifestyle or life stage is.

So if you are motivated to learn how to use your strengths better, or want to become more resilient to boost your confidence to achieve your goals and to ultimately become happier – just bear in mind that you to do it in different ways.

You can do it as part of a coaching process with a qualified strengths practitioner, or you can simply discuss your strengths with people you trust at work and at home. You can also get online and undertake a strengths assessment yourself. One that is strongly recommended and free as well, is where you can also create a personalized strength report.

Positive Actions
Decide how you are going to get better at understanding your strengths more. Identify your top three ‘signature strengths.’ Try to use these strengths more often during the following seven days and notice how this makes you feel.

Discuss your strengths with someone at home and/or at work. Seek feedback from them on what strengths they see in you. What are the differences and similarities in feedback? How can you take any new insights forward with positive intent?

Try something new – use one of your top three strengths in a way that you have never done before. For instance, how can you apply these strengths to a current challenge or goal ahead?

We are all unique. We are all different. Be open-minded to make positive changes. Make commitments to yourself and others on what goals you want to achieve. No matter what these may be, remember that your greatest potential lies within what you do best!

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