Detox Your Body with Water

Detox Your Body with Water

It has been studied that an average human being uses 75 per cent of energy for the digestive system every single day. With about 75 per cent of energy being used by our digestive system to break down all the food we consume, we are left with just 25 per cent energy on an average.

Thus, it’s the remaining energy that is being used to manage daily functions and to manage stress levels in the body. But indeed, 25 cent of energy is not really sufficient enough for the body to detoxify itself. This amount of energy is not sufficient to build immunity, it’s not adequate for cells to grow and repair and it is not abundant enough to have great health, thus leading to various ailments. So, the biggest question that calls for attention is, what exactly is disease?

What exactly does it imply when you contract ailments like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular issues like strokes and high blood pressure? These definitely cannot be termed as diseases, these are a result of an imbalance in the energy levels in our body. The billion cells that are present in our bodies are made up of energy and if there is an energy disparity, it becomes an open gateway to various undesirable diseases.

The Best Way To Detoxify

Although flying to distant islands or naturopath camps help in detoxifying, we need something that’s sustainable to our lifestyle. We can’t keep running away to different camps to get cleansed and return to reality, to further confuse our bodies with great health and the toxins in our food and the air around us.

Thus, we need a concrete solution and what better than detoxifying through water? Water fasting is a great option, it fasting is opted as a way to rejuvenate, build immunity and cure diseases, Also, the anti-ageing properties of water help rejuvenate energy levels and repair cells. Thus, the benefits of water fasting are limitless.

These water fasts work really well. For example, the digestive system uses energy all the time, to break down food, so when lasting is started for 24 hours, the digestive system finally shuts down and all that energy can actually be distributed to all the vital organs, cells, every part of the body to repair, cleanse, detoxify and heal. This is the benefit of water lasting. Although 24 hours sounds like a long time, lasting can be done quite easily.

How Often Can You Detox With Water

A water detox can be started once a month and then progress to twice a month, eventually moving to once a week. It’s a brilliant lifestyle change. If you start doing a water detox from tomorrow, you need to have your dinner at seven o’clock and also break your fast by seven o’clock in the evening, the next day.

If you are trying out the water last for the first time, you might feel hungry for the first few hours, but after you finish your dinner, sleep and wake up late the next morning, so that you spend most of your time sleeping (while fasting). However, once you wake up, you might experience hunger pangs, as you’re used to having breakfast. Nevertheless, distract yourself through meditation and yoga, go for a light walk, do you work, read a book or do everything that can keep you occupied and away from thoughts of food.

What To Expect

The moment you start thinking and reminding yourself that you’re fasting, it becomes more difficult. Thus, ensure you don’t have tasty food cooking around you as the aromas may make it difficult to stick to the fast. You might feel a little weak too, by lunch time, but It’s only in your mind. You also might experience mild headaches, but these are nothing,but toxins coming out from your system. You can break your fast in the evening with a bowl of fruits and then two hours later, have another bowl of fruits. You are now ready to have your normal meals.

With water fasting, weight loss becomes far easier, not because you’re restricting calories, but because you’re detoxifying yourself, So, go ahead and make this therapeutic fast a part of your lifestyle.

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