3 Choices You Can Make Right Now For A Better You!

3 Choices You Can Make Right Now For A Better You!

When it comes to healthy choices, it seems like we’re always caught in a cycle of new information, advice, and even contradictions. In the age of the internet, one of the most powerful things you can do is try to contextualize your own personal growth, ideas, and beliefs with the information that is out there.

Channelling new habits and practices can seem overwhelming and that’s often because we lose our own perspective. Owning our self has never been more important. So here are three choices you can make right now that will allow you to feel relaxed and empowered!

Inner-Voice Validation

If you can’t ‘hear’ your inner-voice, chances are you have simply, drowned it out. And for those of us that are aware of it, we rarely give it the validation it deserves. Our gut feelings and responses to stimuli are things we need to take seriously. What might work for someone else can spell disaster for you! Even when it comes to foods and exercise trends, rely on your inner voice and gut to track how your mind and body respond to them.

The more aware you are of your own reactions and responses to the world, the clearer they become. Committing to validating and listening to yourself is a decision you make right now. And if you stick with it, in a couple of months you’ll be experiencing life with new appreciation.

No-Packaged Food Weekdays

Life is about compromise. The thing is what we consider compromise in this day and age can probably still seem extremely unhealthy when compared to a generation before, Think about how normalized we are about processed/packaged food. From the easy suspects: chips and candy to the more unassuming like pre-flavored oatmeal and canned soup. The more we eat out of a packet, the more we tax our body with a plethora of additives, preservatives, and sodium!

So pledge to eat whole foods during the work week and cheat during the weekend. As long as you aren’t going nuts over the weekend, you should feel a lot more energetic if you are sticking to wholesome meals during the week.

5 Minute Meditation

We’ve all read about the amazing benefits meditation offers, The thing is many of us have just crossed it off as an impossible option simply because we think we don’t have what it takes to clear our minds out for periods of time. Well, there are a couple of things to consider before you make up your mind on this, The first is that meditation takes practice and shorter periods can build up to longer periods over time.

If you inculcate the practice then you might find yourself truly loving the experience and being amazed by what your mind is capable of. The second thing to consider is that meditating regularly for as long as only five minutes can offer many benefits like calming anxiety and increasing focus. So, commit to just five minutes of silence sitting in a comfortable place a few times a week and see where this practice leads you.

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