Are Dreams And Sleep Closely Related?

Are Dreams And Sleep Closely Related?

Have you had dreams where it felt absolutely real and woke up thinking that maybe the ‘Matrix’s based on a true story? Yeah? Then read on. Dreams are our window to the subconscious and more often than not, our deepest desires take metaphorical forms in our sleep. However, there are cases when some people either don’t remember their dreams or don t have dreams, to begin with. This is often brushed away but it is necessary to keep a watch. Here’s why.

Dream And sleep?
Dreams and sleep are indeed closely related, a good night’s sleep means waking up feeling fresh and ready to take on the world. Of course, there is very little information on why we dream, but so far we know that they help by making our mind relax.

There are studies that suggest that while dreaming, the day’s conversations or memories are being put into the long-term memory vault. It’s a two-step process: The slow-wave sleep (SWS) is where the hippocampus speaks to the frontal cortex and notably, you do have dreams here which are very different and emotionally charged. Nightmares, older memories playing back, etc. are linked to this phase.

When REM (rapid eye movement) kicks in, the hippocampus shuts down and the frontal cortex now begins to process and store your memories. REM is typically when most of the dreaming occurs and takes place 90 minutes after falling asleep.

Influence Of Dreams
Surely, you must have woken up on days where you felt like your brain is placed in a bag of nails. There is a very good chance that you had a bad/depressing dream which you may or may not remember and your entire day becomes a challenge to get that feeling off. The food you eat can shift the way you sleep and thereby the dream you dream.

Few Other Factors That Influence Dreams Or Lack Of Dreams

Absence of dreams can be linked to depression. The brain goes through quite a lot of emotional turmoil, so much so that it maybe forget to dream. Since dreaming is linked to memory assimilation, absence thereof can a so be an early indication of Alzheimer’s disease.

Alcohol Or Drugs
Influence of drugs and alcohol can suppress dreams and thereby interfere with the natural process. A lot of things heal when you sleep, your memories and cognitive functions are some of them and they take a hit when there’s no dreaming!


Dreams and sleep are closely related. When dreams fail to occur, it is wise to either check with your doctor or your psychologist. The latter being the better option.

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