Essay on Women Empowerment for Students and Children

Women empowerment refers to making women powerful to make them capable of deciding for themselves. Women have suffered a lot through the years at the hands of men. In earlier centuries, they were treated as almost non-existent. As if all the rights belonged to men even something as basic as voting. As the times evolved, women realized their power. There on began the revolution for women empowerment.

As women were not allowed to make decisions for them, women empowerment came in like a breath of fresh air. It made them aware of their rights and how they must make their own place in society rather than depending on a man. It recognized the fact that things cannot simply work in someone’s favor because of their gender. However, we still have a long way to go when we talk about the reasons why we need it.

Need for Women Empowerment

Almost every country, no matter how progressive has a history of ill-treating women. In other words, women from all over the world have been rebellious to reach the status they have today. While the western countries are still making progress, third world countries like India still lack behind in Women Empowerment.

India is amongst the countries that aren’t safe for girls. There are various reasons for this. Primarily, girls in India are in danger of honor killings. Their family thinks its best to take their own lives if they bring shame to the standing of their heritage.

Moreover, the instruction and freedom scenario is quite regressive here. Girls aren’t allowed to pursue higher education, they are married . The guys are still dominating women in some areas like it’s the woman’s duty to make use of him endlessly. They don’t make it possible for them to go outside or have liberty of any kind.

Additionally, domestic violence is a major issue in India. The men beat up their wife and abuse them as they believe women are their property. More so, because women are afraid to talk. In the same way, the girls who do really work get paid significantly less than their male counterparts. It’s downright unfair and sexist to pay a person less for the exact same job due to their gender. Thus, we see how women empowerment is the need of the hour. We need to enable these women to speak up for themselves and never be a victim of injustice.

How to Empower Women?

There are a variety of ways in how one can empower women. The people and government should both come together to make it occur. Education for girls must be made compulsory so that women can become illiterate to generate a life for themselves.

Girls have to be provided equal opportunities in every field, irrespective of sex. Moreover, they need to also be given equal pay. We can empower women by abolishing child marriage. Various programs have to be held in which they may be taught skills to fend for themselves in case they face financial crisis.

Most importantly, the shame of divorce and abuse must be thrown out of the window. Many women remain in abusive relationships due to the fear of society. Parents must teach their daughters it is fine to come home divorced rather than at a coffin.

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