An Account of A Birth Photo Story

An Account of A Birth Photo Story

God has blessed human beings with emotions that help them express their feelings and convey messages that words often fail to convey. Did you know that the ‘Emotion Annotation and Representation Language (EARL) classifies emotions in 48 diverse forms?

Emotions During Childbirth
Observations during birth photography have revealed that women portray more than 70 per cent of these emotions in the final twelve hours of childbirth. So, it’s surprising how the birth of a child can bring out so many emotions from a single soul.

But why shouldn’t it? Nine months of the fascinating journey for an expecting mother finally concludes in these 12 hours’ Be it the anger, the pain, the helplessness, the anxiety, the happiness, the exhaustion, the elation, the arrival of motherhood – all these emotions are experienced one after another.

Joy Overrides All Other Emotions
There are many emotions that gush through a woman’s head during labour and every emotion tries to overpower the other, There is physical shock, the anxiety of the excruciating pain and the happiness of her impending childbirth. However, more often than not, it’s joy that overpowers the rest!

The pain that accompanies childbirth can jostle even the toughest of individuals, but a woman being the point of reference for mental strength bears it easily, without making a single complaint. She toils, fights hard within, screams, cries but never resigns, because all she can foresee is glimmering hope which is so beautiful, that even the intense discomfort doesn’t prevent her face from shining.

Capturing The Crucial Moment!
After all the pain, time stands still when a mother looks at her baby for the first time and she smiles as if she never cried the previous night. Though it may sound strange, but for a birth photographer, labour pain ¡s ecstasy! One can never capture a moment more stunning and unadulterated than the highpoint inside a labour room, But amidst the tensed environment inside the operation theatre, there is a silent man standing in the corridor who has never been more worried in his life!

A Photo Story For The Family
All he does is wait for the newsflash and the crying of the newest member of his family. He has an astounding amount of emotions on his tace that clearly indicates who the dad is. He is scared for his wife (her screams don’t help), happy for the family, strained by the forthcoming responsibilities and anxious for the new human being he is responsible for. Birth photography creates a recording of all of these special expressions and a photo story for every family. However, a camera can never re-create with finesse, reality. You need to see it to live it!

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