Parenting: Tips To Be Supportive Parents During Exams

Tips To Be Supportive Parents During Exams

It is necessary to inculcate efficient work habits in children leading up to the examinations. Breaking the workload in a manner that it can be satisfactorily ‘revised’ is an important step.

2. Last minute escalation and piling up the targets in the end, is a style many learners adopt. The classic mistake of late nights and early mornings becomes the approach which causes more harm than good. It is essential for children to get enough rest. The inability to express the knowledge caused due to lack of rest is the reason for poor scores.

3. Healthy eating can’t be emphasised enough. Remember the golden rule that junk leads to lethargy instead of explosive energy.

4. Learners often forget that one key skill to give an examination is in fact, making your own notes and writing. It is amazing how much the mind reflects and connects when we are able to use all mediums. Mind maps are a great way to address this. This method is recommended for revision time and can be adopted prior to that, as pictorial representations are retained better in the brain. The mind is alert and can take in the voluminous content in pictorial form.

5. Children should also optimise their time and recognise their strengths and weaknesses leading up to an examination. For example, if Hindi and Science are the weak subjects, then they should address those subjects and gradually work on the ones which are easier.

6. Lastly, the importance of some sort of ‘timeout’ in the form of fitness or recreation is to be kept in mind for children to be at ease and not feel pressurised. The idea is to approach examinations as an extension of learning and not the only outcome.

7. Approach it as a challenge and go well prepared. The old trick of solving time-bound papers is a fantastic way of ascertaining that one is prepared for time-bound assessments. The more you write, the more confidence you will gain!

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