Diksha e-learning portal for School Education for Students, Teachers & Parents | How to Download DIKSHA App form Play store?

This lockdown has affected many businesses and mainly education. Stay at Home is the only medicine to save lives and Study at Home is the only option to keep alive the education in every student. So, today we have come up with a new concept called Study At Home through Diksha Portal. Due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, our Honble. Prime minister has taken the call to lock down the whole country to control the coronavirus spread. In this hard times allowing students out on studies is not at all a safe decision so the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) in association with the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has started an initiative in the area of digital learning, called, DIKSHA. The main objective of this Diksha e-learning portal is to assist teachers and the students to maintain their studies normally but in a different mode of learning.

Diksha is a step to achieve comprehensive learning for both teachers and students. By using this digital learning application – Diksha both tutors and students can develop their knowledge by accessing a holistic learning environment. However, the government has issued several e-learning portals for the primary, secondary, senior secondary, graduate, and post-graduate level candidates. So, be updated to the education news and make use of all such e-learning platforms to continue with your studies as usual and improve your skills and knowledge during this pandemic 2020.

For easy access to students, we have also provided the classwise materials here which are available on the Diksha App. So, teachers and students can easily view or download Diksha provided Class-wise study materials for all subjects from this article for free of cost. Hence, go through the further modules and collect all the info related to Diksha e-Learning App & Portal along with the Materials quick links for all classes.

CBSE Online Resources – PDF Download

What is DIKSHA Portal?

DIKSHA – National Digital Infrastructure for Teachers is an online digital platform that was launched by the union ministry of human resource and development (HRD) for teachers and students to make their lifestyle more digital. Currently, it is used by teachers from government and private institutions all over the nation for all grades to assist students to grasp various concepts. By this portal, all the teachers across the country can implement advanced digital technology in the education system. Diksha portal is also available in a mobile application with a great user interface and available in various languages like English and Hindi for user comfort and convenience.

This portal helps teachers as well as students in various ways. For teachers, it allows knowing about their career span details right from their join the school to their retirement. So that they can map out their career progress and work on their skill set respectively. The main motto to launch Diksha digital education platform is to strengthen the hands of ‘Our Teachers Our Heroes’. Also, there are many advantages with the Diksha app & portal for teachers, students & parents. So, go through the below sections and kindly have a look at the detailed information about Diksha E-Learning App and click on the links provided here to access the Diksha offered classwise materials directly from our page without any registration & login to the portal or app.

Features of DIKSHA Portal

The following are a few salient features of Diksha app, that one can remember at the time of accessing the portal:

  • QR Code

Diksha portal is useful for both teachers and students and it can be accessed once the user scans the QR code given in their NCERT books. Once the student or teacher scans the QR Code, the portal will open up and gives suggestions and topics page which are necessary for you to learn.

Diksha QR Code feature image

  • Language

Diksha App & Web Portal is available in both English and Hindi languages. So, teachers and students can select any language based on your convenience and comfort.

language feature in Diksha portal

  • Location-based

The Diksha portal asks you to select the location that you belong to after opening the portal or app. As an example, if you choose the Mumbai option as your location, it will ask you to select the ‘sub-location’ i.e., the exact locality of Mumbai you live. Therefore, it will bestow you the courses that are presented & running in that region so that you can pick your required courses as per your skill set.

  • Class System

It needs a user to select the class to access the correct study materials. Tap on the needed study material you desire to obtain and enter the SUBMIT button.

  • DIKSHA Mobile App

Diksha platform is an excellent platform that is available for both android and ios users in the form of Diksha Mobile Application. So, android and ios users can download the Diksha app from play stores i.e., Google play store and App Store. The mobile version of the Diksha is useful for teachers, students, and parents. The Diksha app is a complete package with engaging learning courses material which meets the requirements of the prescribed school curriculum.

Benefits of Diksha e-Learning Portal

By using the Diksha e-learning platform not only teachers but also students and parents can be benefited. Check out the below points and comprehend how teachers, parents & students will benefit:

  • Teachers can use this DIKSHA – National Digital Infrastructure for Teachers e-learning platform & mobile app and avail the information like lesson plans, worksheets, and activities, to perform enjoyable classroom experiences.
  • Students are benefited from a detailed explanation of the concepts to understand in an easy and interactive manner. Students also have access to use the Diksha App and enjoy its features which is useful at the time of your revision. It also helps students to examine his/her learning via self-assessment practice exercises.
  • Parents are also allowed to access this Diksha app and portal to follow the classroom activities and clear all their kid’s doubts after school hours also. As it is a complete platform for hassle-free interaction of all the stakeholders associated.

FAQs on Diksha Online Digital Platform for Teachers, Students & Parents

1. What is the use of Diksha app?

Diksha App is useful for teachers in many things like creating learning content by subject experts, providing study materials for all available courses, in-class resources, assessments for students, connection with teacher community, news, and announcement. It not only helps teachers but also useful for students and parents to follow the classroom activities and books, materials, and some other course info.

2. How can I login to Diksha online?

Logging in to Diksha Portal Online is very simple and easy for all type of users. Just follow the steps given below and easily log in to Diksha Online:

  1. Open the Diksha portal in the browser.
  2. Tap log in with google.
  3. Choose the Gmail account with which you want to log in.
  4. Click on Allow for giving permission to the Diksha application to access your Google Account.
  5. Now, the terms and conditions page will be displayed on the page.
  6. Hit in I agree to the terms and conditions of use.
  7. After that, tap on Continue and enjoy features of the Diksha E-learning platform online.

3. How to Download Diksha Mobile App from the play store?

It is a quite simple task to do. Just visit your device play stores like google play store or App store and search for DIKSHA mobile app in the search bar and choose the first result from the given list and click on the Install option and wait until it completes installing the app on your android or ios device. Once it gets installed then you can open it and create an account to access all the content provided in the app.

4. Where can I download Study Materials for all courses?

You can download study materials for all courses from this page or else visit the Diksha app or portal online to download the materials that you are looking for.

Final Words

The team of Version Weekly gathered extensive information about the Diksha e-Learning App & other top learning online portals for the sake of our viewers to offer better options for effective education at the time of exams. If you need more preparation tips & better strategies to study at home during this time. Approach us and get more advanced tricks & suggestions about education along with the latest news and notification about Schools, Boards & Colleges.

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