We have always known that interpersonal skills impact our relationships and the awareness about the use and misuse of our emotions is important to maintain peace of mind and healthy social interactions too. So, if you want to SMILE for all time, just follow these principles of SMILE’ and always remember that hope is real!

Share The Pain

Be committed to those who are committed to you, by sharing your pain with them. Always share the truth with those who are honest with you, regardless of what you do and build a happy social life for a better future.

Mark The Date And Time To Break Free

Keep a track of your personal progress from manipulative people and check if others also have the same opinion about them. When you limit yourself with a time frame and act wisely, you are bound to become limitless from within, after that specific period of time.

Involve Your Self Trust

Do you feel chained by the limitations put on you by some people? Do you feel extremely stressed after talking to them, as they try to cut you down, when you expect something similar from them? If so, you need to limit your precious time involved with them, rather than completely ignore them, which may not be possible in a working environment.

Love Yourself

Take a day off from your busy schedule and reach out to do what you could not earlier. Give priority to your interests and not the opinion of others, while doing this. Accept that you cannot change manipulative people to act as per your wish, but you can change your attitude towards them. This is a major step to become limitless..

Excuse And Reason Are Two Different Things

It you are being blamed for no fault of yours, stand up with a reason when few individuals use you as an excuse to portray or justify their faults. Keep calm and try not to mistake their excuses as reasons. This is the first precautionary measure to love yourself.

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