Effective Methods To Boost Your Confidence

Effective Methods To Boost Your Confidence

“The power pose will help raise your level of testosterone (the hormone of dominance) and lower your stress hormone (cortisol) while also making you feel more confident”

Since no human being is immune to the feelings of insecurity and sell-doubt, It sometimes, becomes hard to overcome. Also, undoubtedly, everyone at some point or the other, struggles with issues of self- esteem. This could be situational, for example some find themselves insecure and less confident while socializing with new or unknown people, or during public speaking, but could be very confident around the people they know.

Some introverted people often feel shy or less confident while partying, dancing or singing, while some may feel lesser confident trying something new at their workplace. But you can certainly give yourself a quick boost in such situations. Thus, here are some simple confidence boosting techniques to follow.

Smile More Often

Your physiology greatly influences your self-awareness and emotions. Moreover, it is a scientifically proven fact that smiling not only makes you more attractive, but also enhances your mood, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress and helps you stay positive. Hence, begin your day with a smile, look at yourself in the mirror with a smiling face and make an effort to smile more often, throughout the day, while talking to other people or greeting others.

Meditate Regularly

Pick a good Buddhist mindfulness guided meditation and try it every day for 10 minutes. It will help improve self- awareness and will drastically enhance your confidence level.

Improve Your Posture

Improve your sitting and standing posture. Research shows that those who sit straight are more likely to generate ideas and believe in their own thoughts, as compared to those who sit hunched over their desk throughout the day.

Moreover, standing straight also not only makes you feel and look confident, but also significantly improves your productivity level. When you have an impending socially evaluative situation such as an interview or public speaking engagement, practice and improvise your posture a day before D-day. Stand straight in a power pose and then after some time, observe which posture makes you feel confident and comfortable while standing straight. The power pose will help raise your level of testosterone (the hormone of dominance) and lower your stress hormone (cortisol) while also making you feel more confident.

Visualize Your Success

By visualizing your success, whether acing an interview or finishing a task or a workout, you can indeed take yourself a step ahead towards your desired success. Although many spiritual leaders have already accepted it as a well-known fact, it has also been scientifically proven that imaging an activity, stimulates the nervous system and activates several same neural pathways In the brain, as you would actually experience in an activity.

Thus, by visualizing yourself overcoming challenges, you can certainly help yourself be more confident and comfortable while dealing with the current challenges which will seem familiar.

Embrace Your Feelings Of Low Self-Esteem

Once you are done with developing a habit of visualization, meditation and corrected posture, your next step should be to take the time to embrace your feeling of low self-esteem. Yes, you read it right, embrace your low self- esteem!

Moments of doubts, situations where you encounter low self-esteem, feeling of unhappiness, discontentment are pretty Important and required as they are imperative poisons that compel you to eliminate what you do not like and to bring a positive change in yourself.

By suppressing your negative self, you’ll end up always moving a step away from your improvement and perfection. So, begin by recognizing your insecurities and instead of improving your feelings of low self-esteem, start improvising your competence.

Make yourself abler, learn what causes low self-esteem, where you lack and improve those abilities. You’ll gradually enhance your confidence levels too.

Embrace Your Failures

After learning the skills of accepting your weaknesses that cause self-doubts, re-evaluate how you consider your failures. Failures come as challenges in your life to make you what you truly are and to bring out your true potential, to make you more patient, more experienced, more mature, wiser, more humble, more resilient, more creative and more grounded. It also teaches you a lot about your true self.

When you focus on learning, you gain from each of your failures, you take another step towards your desired success and failures become just a part of your journey to your phenomenal triumph.

Improve Your Surroundings

Last but not the least, to improve your confidence levels, expand your social circle, A supportive social circle will always encourage you to move forward and this encouragement truly plays a very vital role in boosting your confidence levels and for you to reach your goal. Thus, keep a distance from those who discourage you to pursue your dreams and spend more time with the people who believe in you.

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