Do The Elderly Enjoy Pranks?

Do The Elderly Enjoy Pranks?

“Each culture stereotypes its elders in a certain way, but based on reactions of elderlies with regard to certain pranks, we have discovered that age is just a number!”

As opposed to memories of childhood, memories of ageing are rare, because people rarely understand the process of ageing, until they reach old age themselves and then they forget! The elderly are often associated with grumpiness, anger and hostility, due to the attitude of society towards ageing.

Also, the fullness of life experienced by seniors as children, lovers, parents, or grandparents is rarely understood. Each culture stereotypes its elders a certain way, but based on reactions of elders with regard to certain pranks, we have discovered that age is just a number! Here are a few common pranks remembered and enjoyed by elderlies.

Recalling Some Common Pranks

It was discovered that the most common prank was getting grandpa worried about swollen feet, so much so, that he seriously inspected his feet to check for the swelling – much to the delight of the sniggering children hiding around, to witness the fun after placing tissue paper in his shoes! But grandpa also knew how to make the squeals louder and how to add to the fun.

Another prank played by grandparents on unsuspecting grandchildren, was the use of cotton soaked in milk, to make it appear like fresh white cream called, ‘malai,’ especially when mixed with honey or guava jelly. Also, in rural India, we get to hear stories of how the charpoy was woven with soft cotton thread and covered with a sheet, instead of the thick tape or rope, so that the unsuspecting elder, sitting or stretching out on the bed? charpoy, barely managed to come out without broken bones!

An elderly mother’s novel way to set her daughter right, who used to kiss the mirror after applying lipstick, is hilarious! No amount of chiding or complaining helped – so one day, the mother simply asked her daughter to help her find the toilet brush she used to clean the mirror? This did the trick and the mother never had to clean the mirror ever again.

Putting pebbles in the mouth of the sleeping elderlies with their mouth open is a very common prank, but can be dangerous at times, Little children have also revealed that they put red chilli powder in dadaji’s paan instead of supaaM Prank movies are very popular, as people enjoy viewing embarrassment! Some elderlies are actually described as being ‘a good laugh,’ as they are amusing and fun to be with! Humour brightens up the day of the elders and they like to participate too. After all, a good laugh is the essence of life!

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