Could It Be Possible That You Are Obsessed?

Could It Be Possible That You Are Obsessed?

“Obsession in medical terminology is defined as a persistent impulse or idea that constantly makes its way into a person’s consciousness and is often related to anxiety”

Obsession is a common term that we get to hear these days. You may be termed as obsessed when you cannot stop thinking about someone or something. It can be about your work or your partner, your appearance or cleanliness or something else. Everybody is obsessed with someone or something in the modern world, but there is a very thin line between a healthy obsession and obsession as a mental disorder.

If you love your work and you are regular, attentive and honest towards it and it you spend most of your time thinking, planning and channelizing your work and It tops your priority charts, it may be called a healthy obsession.

Understanding Obsession

Anything or anybody you pay maximum attention to, could be a sign of you being obsessed, Obsession in medical terminology is defined as a persistent impulse or idea that constantly makes its way into a person’s consciousness and is often related to anxiety. An obsessive relation is one where you try to control on the pretext of love. An ensuing breakup results in anger and desire to hurt the other person. This is an unhealthy obsession.

You may develop a tendency to get overprotective about few things in your lite and certain people become the focus of your life. However, nobody is obsessed from birth as it develops as you grow, depending on your likes and dislikes. But as you get overly engrossed. you fall in the trap of illness and disorder. Hence, discussed here are some basic signs that will help you understand if you are in love or merely obsessed.

Basic Signs Of Obsession

Persistent Negative Thoughts

When your partner is away from you, you often have negative thoughts about them. You fear about losing them or hurting them, You are anxious about what they are doing and who they are with in lieu of your absence. You panic when your partner doesn’t answer your texts or your calls go unanswered. You are jealous when your partner interacts with someone else.

You Justify All The Faults Of Your Partner

When you overlook the negative traits of your partner, like it he or she is addicted, doesn’t call you or is least interested in you. And, if you ignore the tact that it is not love, if not mutual and you are being taken for a ride, still you hope against hope that your love will be reciprocated someday.

The Mind Doesn’t Cease To Think

You are always engrossed in the thoughts of that individual and continue to replay the situations and conversations in your head. Sometimes, you make up situations around him/her. There is total absence of peace in your lite. You eat, sleep, drink and think solely of him/her on your mind.

Anger, Violence And Selfishness

Even a small disagreement makes you angry and also physically violent at times. You get angry when you are not listened to. There is lot of pain and stress in the relationship. You are persistent In getting things done your way. Things are unfair and unbalanced between you two. You want to be in control all the time.

You Fervently Hope And Pray

You constantly try to be everything and anything they ever wanted you to be and are continuously plagued with questions like: if he/she didn’t like you enough, would he/ she dump you? Would he/she sacrifice anything for you?

Is It Truly Love?

Take lessons from a mother who nurtures and supports her children despite her concerns etc. and allows them to grow in their own time and space without her personal biases and fears clouting their growth and independence. Love is all about a sense of security, peace, warmth and independence. A mother’s love enables you and prepares you to face the world, whereas the love from a partner or significant other helps strengthen those values and sustain it.

The difference between an obsessed relationship and love is determined by the peace, comfort and trust that is exuded and is felt, even in one’s absence. It is mutual for both individuals involved. Hence, the joy of coming together after a little separation is sheer and righteous bliss.

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