Try These Unconventional Lip Colours

Try These Unconventional Lip Colours

“You may realize it is actually possible to add bold statement lip colours to your everyday makeup routine quite easily”

The next time you go makeup shopping, skip your go-to shades of lip colours and instead pick up some unusual lip colours that you previously may have been too sceptical to try. You may just realize it is actually possible to add bold statement tip colours to your everyday makeup routine quite easily. The basic idea is to keep eye makeup minimal. Take your pick from these unconventional hues.

Amethyst Purple
This colour has recently been the talk of the town, thanks to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Purple is believed to be a colour that goes well with Indian outfits as well as an evening gown, It’s a warm shade that looks good in the spring and winter season. A simple outfit combined with a purple lip colour can help dress you up and complete your minimalistic look.

Electric Orange
This colour borders between unconventional and conventional lip colours, It can be worn as a dark deep shade or just as a stain with your heavy duty lehenga or your little summer dress. Orange can be worn with almost everything, anytime.

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Choco Bar
This colour is young and perky and can be worn during the day time with jeans and a simple t-shirt or with your little black dress. If you want to carry the look into the night, you can just play with the same shade and make it little lighter. You can also go ombre with the chocolate and kick it up a notch higher.

Emerald Green
This colour can add a royal touch to your outfit. Emerald green stands out without being an outsider. You can sport this shade for a special fun evening with friends, wear it to a Red Carpet event or to a friend’s bachelorette party. Basically, it you want to make an appearance and be noticed, emerald green is the way to go!

Sapphire Blue
With the mercury level soaring, this calming blue shade will help you be cool and trendy. A little sapphire blue hue with your linens and cottons can help you dress down during the day and dress up your short summer dresses at nights.

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