Tips To Safeguard Your Smile!

Tips To Safeguard Your Smile!

A smile always works wonders! When you smile you look happy and happiness is your most attractive quality! Besides, soft and smooth lips, sparkling white teeth and fresh breath helps to meet and greet others with confidence. So here’s some tips to help you keep your smile intact!

Exfoliate And Moisturise Your Lips

Lips have very thin and delicate skin with no oil glands. This is the reason for dryness and chapped lips during the winter season. Wash your face and use a soft towel to rub your lips gently to remove the dead skin. Apply milk cream on your lips and leave it for an hour to retain moisture or try adding some lemon juice to the milk cream to get rid of dark lips. Also, applying almond cream or pure almond oil on your lips overnight can help retain the moisture on your lips. You should also look for a lip balm with sunscreen.

Oral Hygiene And Teeth/ Gum Care

Gum disease and tooth decay can really mar the beauty of a smile! Thus, proper daily brushing is most important to remove plaque and prevent swelling, bleeding or receding gums. Rinse your mouth after a meal or after snacking. Brushing your teeth at night is actually more important, than the usual morning brushing, as it helps to prevent mouth acids and tooth decay.

Brush back and forth and also up and down for proper cleaning of your teeth. After brushing, massage your gums to stimulate blood circulation and to help keep them healthy. Rinse well with water after brushing, then use a mouthwash which is both healthy and refreshing.

Dental Visits And Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Use dental floss and mouthwash after brushing your teeth at night. Clean your tongue when you brush your teeth. If you find your teeth sensitive to hot, cold or sweet foods, it means that a visit to the dentist is overdue.

Also, regular visits to the dentist go a long way in preventing tooth and gum problems. Lifestyle habits, like smoking, chewing paan masala, excessive coffee or aerated drinks can all affect your teeth, leading to stained teeth and other problems. Keep in mind that if desired, dentists can help whiten your teeth and provide cosmetic dental care for you to maintain your dazzling smile!

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