Rock Your Bangs!

Rock Your Bangs!

Most teenagers love to experiment with their looks and keep up with the latest fashion trends. Be it clothes. shoes, makeup, hair, etc. Currently, having bangs or a fringe is the latest fashion statement. From Hollywood to Bollywood, many celebs flaunt this style with élan. A good hairstyle surely gives one a different and interesting look. To get the perfect bangs, it is important to be aware of your tace shape and hair texture. Choose the bangs that will suit your face the best. Listed below are some pointers to help you rock your bangs!

• If you have an oval tace, any kind of bangs will suit you. Wispy bangs look absolutely stunning or you may also try side swept bangs which gives an edge to the hairstyle. Do not opt for bangs that cover your features as it may make your face look shorter.

  • Wispy bangs make a round face look softer and longer. Even side-swept bangs look amazing and show your features to perfection. However, do not opt for heavy bangs as they do not balance your features well.
  • To soften the strong lines of a square face, arched bangs that blend with the hair is perfect.
  • While choosing bangs, remember to select a style that goes with the texture of your hair as this will reduce the daily styling routine, • Avoid heavy, long blunt bangs if you have thick or thin coarse hair.
  • Mini and arched bangs look great on straight hair.
  • For curly hair, soft wispy bangs suit the best.
  • To make a haircut look softer opt for feather bangs. However. remember that this type doesn’t suit curly hair.

To get the perfect bangs, it is important to be aware of your face shape and hair texture

What You Should Know

Bangs are in and they give any haircut an interesting twist. As cool as they look, they can also turn a nice hairstyle in to a disaster if not planned well. Those who have curly hair should think about the length of the bangs they want when the hair is dry, as the hair looks longer when it is wet but curls up later. Therefore, ensure that you have the appropriate length in mind, before going in for bangs.

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