Reclaim Your Skin’s Lost Radiance

Reclaim Your Skin’s Lost Radiance

The antioxidant properties of gold tightens the skin, reduces sebum production and helps skin to become radiant from within

When the air is laden with moisture, the skin tends to get very vulnerable to environmental pollutants, grime and excessive sebum secretion, which ultimately leads to acne, rashes and causes the skin to become dull. However, the skin can easily restore its radiance with some tender loving care on your part. So here are some beauty treatments to set your skin aglow again!

Help Your Skin Glow Again

Opt For A Gold Facial
Inspired by none other than Cleopatra’s beauty regime, a gold facial is considered a beauty boon by skin care experts across the beauty-verse! A gold-infused mask is applied on the face post regular facial care activities and then all you have to do is wait for it to work its magic. The antioxidant properties of gold tightens the skin, reduces sebum production and helps skin to become radiate from within, by providing protection from sun damage.

Get A Paraffin Manicure And Pedicure
Your hands and feet need your attention too. So check, if your nails are brittle and prone to infections and rashes, it may be time for an overdue manicure and pedicure. Try the hugely popular paraffin mani-pedi which involves soaking your hands/feet in a tub full of paraffin hot wax treated with essential oils.

Post several soothing dips, the waxed parts are covered in hot towels and all you need to do is wait for the benefits to kick in. Paraffin properties heal battered skin, uplifts nail strength and keeps infection, calluses/corns at bay, making it the most sought-after treatment at salons and spas.

Use Matte Make-Up
Regular make-up that does not have waterproof properties can prove to be disastrous (more so it rains) because not only will it clog your pores, it will also make you look like you’ve stepped out of a horror movie!

Matte make-up look is working its wonders in the national and international circuits, even after a year since it was launched. Matte make-up is best created using waterproof make-up products as they tend to be long-lasting, less runny and flawless to look at. A touch of dramatic eye colour and bright lips, is all that is needed to create the perfect matte look. Try to believe it!

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