Make -Up With Skin Care Benefits

Make -Up With Skin Care Benefits

Cosmetics containing plant extracts and oils are widely available and people have become much more aware of the ingredients in these products

Make-up helps women look their best, covers up flaws and highlights plus points. Thus, many women don’t even dream of facing the world without make-up. But It would certainly help, it the amount of chemicals that may be present in make-up is made known. In fact, there have been many cases of allergic reactions to make-up. And according to doctors, the worst offenders may be eye make-up.

According to consultant dermatologist, Edward Seaton at the Royal Free Hospital London, the skin on the eyelids is very thin and not very well protected. So, it is quite common for women to develop a reaction to eye make-up, which is mostly caused by the preservatives ¡n eye shadow or by fragrances.

The Safer Alternative

Considering all the negative aspects of cosmetics, we do have a strong case in favour of herbal make-up that is not only safer, but has many skin benefits as well. Today, Ayurvedic beauty care, containing natural ingredients, has become popular, worldwide. Also, cosmetics containing plant extracts and oils are widely available and people have become much more aware of the ingredients in these products.

Natural Products And Natural Ingredients

Centuries ago, people relied on Nature and natural ingredients to beautify themselves. For example, henna was applied as a cooling paste, to bring fever down, or to cure heat rashes. Gradually, it began to be used to colour the hair and paint intricate patterns on the hands and feet, a tradition that remains till today.

Similarly, ingredients for lip colour were those that cured stomach ailments. The bark of the Missee tree yielded a red colour, which was used for the lips, or as rouge on the cheeks. The Dandasa tree bark was chewed to cleanse the teeth. This also stained the lips with a light red colour. So, the bark began to be used to colour the lips. Thus, the use of the betel leal (paan) and missee was recommended not only to redden the lips but to also make the breath fragrant.

Cosmetics Made From Herbs

Today, many plant ingredients are used to formulate make-up cosmetics. Natural bases, emollients and moisturisers are used in lipsticks, which help to maintain the soft texture of the lips. Among these are aloe vera, wheat germ oil, carrot seed oil, date extract, almond, glycyrrhiza, calamus and waxes derived from plant oils. Also, essential oils of plants and flowers are used, while cinnamon, basil. sandalwood oil and mint are used for their healing and protective properties. Furthermore, many of these ingredients help to soothe sensitive, chapped and dry lips.

Extracts of flowers and plants like marigold, hibiscus, calendula, saffron, wild rose, wild turmeric, ashwagandha (winter cherry), etc. have also been used. Natural aromatic oils are used to add fragrance to herbal cosmetics. Lipsticks and lip-glosses contain plant extracts, like sandalwood, calamus, aloe vera, carrot seeds, wheat germ, hibiscus and winter cherry. These are known to improve skin texture, or protect lips from dryness and chapping, while adding a glamorous shimmer.

Kajal and surma are still made in many homes using the Ayurvedic method. Trifala has been used since ancient times, for maintaining and improving eyesight. It also contains camphor and almond oil, The advantage is that it does not contain lead and uses mustard oil to obtain carbon to get the dark colour.

Benefits Of Herbal Cosmetics

Normally, foundations and make-up bases have a drying effect on the skin, but moisturized foundations, containing vitamin E, sandalwood, rose extract, aloe vera juice, saffron and date extract have been formulated to protect the skin and reduce blemishes. Having been used for centuries, it has been seen that natural ingredients have many beneficial properties and actually help to enhance beauty. Another benefit of herbal cosmetics is that they are free of harmful side effects. On the other hand, synthetic preparations are known to cause allergic reactions. It also leads to toxic creation in the system, over time.

Moreover, herbs contain healing properties for the hair and skin. Apart from other valuable substances, they also contain vitamins and minerals which are imperative for healthy skin and hair. Therefore, today we can safely turn to Nature with and make herbal choices for our skin, hair, as well as make-up. From dazzling kohl eye-definers to vivid lip beauty, from satin-smooth skin to a sultry velvety finish, herbal make-up is an invitation to the safe world of herbal magic.

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