The Beginner’s Guide to Fight the Early Signs of Ageing

Fight The Early Signs Of Ageing

The availability of innumerable products and treatments in the market for skin fairness, reversing dark circles, removal of dark spots, lines, wrinkles and achieving that perfect glow is just minutes away’ The 21st century is the age of eternal beauty and vows to defy all laws of ageing as women want to look radiant and youthful always.

However nowadays, young women in particular are suffering from greying and loss of hair, acne, dark circles, drying and patchy skin, weight gain, vision issues, dry skin, irregular periods etc. Thus, there is an increased reliance on aesthetic treatments that promise results in a jiffy and natural remedies have long been forgotten.

Controlling Unhealthy Ageing

Though ageing is a natural process, what we are facing today are the effects of unhealthy ageing and there are a number of causative factors for the same – the main culprit being stress! But by applying principles of moderation and balance in all requisites of lite, we can in fact age healthily.

To prevent the many symptoms of unhealthy ageing that drastically hampers our confidence and overall personality, relying solely on expensive products and treatments is not always feasible. Therefore, it is of utmost significance that we follow a lifestyle that focuses on both diet and exercise which will maintain body homeostasis. Listed here are a few dietary guidelines for the same.

Water Works Wonderfully
Hydration of the skin is a must. Consumption of two-three litres of water per day is important. Also, water or any kind of fluid helps in maintenance of all major functions of the body keeping all internal systems in balance.

Add Colour On Your Plate
Consumption of yellow, orange fruits and vegetables such as oranges, strawberries, papaya, pineapple, carrot, tomatoes, spinach, capsicum, bell peppers etc. will surely maintain the glow on your skin and prevent darkening, black spots and may also help cure acne, These fruits are rich in ACE Vitamins that are vitamin A, C & E which are potent antioxidants. Vitamin A deficiency alone, leads to dry and patchy skin.

Fill Up On Fruits
Fruits are one of the best sources of antioxidants. Pollution in our environment can instigate the production of harmful substances ¡n our body often termed as tree radicals, these substances then speed up the process of ageing. Therefore, consumption of antioxidants helps ¡n warding ott these substances, thereby slowing down the ageing process.

Plan Of Action For The Aging

Pair Up With Proteins
Proteins aid in the repairing of damage to our tissues, occurring as our body’s natural process. Our nails and hair are made out of a protein called keratin. Hair loss, thinning of hair, greying, chipping nails are all a result of consumption of too little protein. Hence, inclusion of pulses, dais, nuts, eggs, milk and milk products, lean meats and fish is a must in the diet.

Fat Makes You Fit
Believe it or not, fats specifically n-3 fatty acids work like magic on your skin. These are essential fatty acids present in nuts and oilseeds such as flaxseeds, walnuts and in fish such as salmon and mackerel. Also, certain oils like olive oil are responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin and keeping it hydrated.

Be An Exercise Enthusiast
Exercise is a must as it helps in tightening of the skin and keeps ¡t supple and healthy. Do take up activities like power yoga. aerobics, strength training and stretching exercises.

Say Bye to Bad Stuff
Avoidance of alcohol and smoking, foods rich in saturated fats like butter and ghee, tried items and spicy food preparations also help in prolonging the signs and symptoms of ageing.

Make Time For Some TLC
Daily measures such as moisturizing the skin, applying sun block before leaving home, applying minimal make-up, removal of make-up every night before sleeping. cleansing of the skin, oiling of the hair, regular washing of hair etc, are habits that prove beneficial in the long run.

Stress as we discussed earlier is no doubt the leading cause of the early signs of ageing. Therefore, keep the relevant guidelines in mind, but it is essential to keep a calm mind. The easiest method is to indulge in activities that you love.

Pursue a hobby, listen to music, chant spirituality or simply have a chat with yourself because, it is important that we release the negative energy inside ourselves in a form that is healthy. This will help us find inner peace which will further help us figure inner happiness that we are relentlessly searching for in success outside. And once we attain inner happiness and positivity, that perfectly glowing skin is definitely not far away!

It is of utmost significance that we follow a lifestyle that focuses on both diet and exercise which will maintain body homeostasis

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