Here’s How A Deep Tissue Massage Heals!

Here’s How A Deep Tissue Massage Heals!

Since ancient times, massages have helped mankind get immense relief from both physiological and physical stress. Thus, a deep tissue massage can do wonders and is the key to getting cured from a lot of common diseases, starting from chronic pain, to depression.

Deep tissue massage is no less than magic’ This massage is carried out with skillful hands that have a knack of exerting blissful pressure on the deep layers of tissue. However, this massage takes more time than any other massage, as it is a slow massage. A deep tissue massage is also firmer and a bit harder, compared to other massages with an aim of reducing the ache and discomfort one experiences and also to enhance the ability of the body to heal from pain and anxiety.

This massage which helps in releasing and lengthening the body muscles, is not only enjoyable, but also increases blood flow, relieves muscle tension, lowers physiological stress and releases hormones like serotonin and oxytocin, known as the happiness hormones, further leading to relaxation of the mind. Besides, a deep tissue massage works as a blessing when it comes to therapy for rehabilitation and also works best during a neck or lower back massage, along with the joints and tendons.

Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

Reduces Stress and Anxiety
This therapy lowers cortisol levels and boosts oxytocin hormone secretions, which have soothing effects and thus relaxes the body.

Treats Back Pain And Other Problems
The deep tissue massage has positive effects on decreasing back and body pain, as it includes techniques of oblique pressure and lengthening strokes.

Provides Relief From Arthritis Pain
This firm massage provides relief and reduction in arthritis pain. It also helps in improving the mobility of joints.

Lowers High Blood Pressure
The deep tissue massage reduces cardiovascular problems and shows positive effects on both systolic and diastolic pressure.

Breaks Down Scar Tissue
It reduces inflammation and stimulates blood flow, which helps muscles to relax and gain more oxygen. This massage also helps in making it easier to move and promotes motion in the body.

Improves Athletic Recovery
With the deep tissue massage, an athletes performance is enhanced and injuries too are prevented This massage also improves lactate clearance and hence positively helps In Injury prevention and treatment.

Treats Chronic Pain In Lower Back
The pressure applied during a deep tissue massage eases lower back pain problems too.

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