Hair Care Routine for Men

Hair Care Routine for Men

Men usually do not openly talk about taking care of their skin and hair and this is mainly due to the idea of gender stereotypes But here we talk about hair care for men because men they too need a proper grooming routine as much as women need beauty tips. A good hair care routine ¡s one that is easy to follow and effective at the same time. It doesn’t matter whether you have the most trendy and latest style or a classic style, or a busy schedule but a proper daily hair care regimen is a must to keep your hair healthy. Follow this routine given below daily regardless of the type of style and texture your hair is.

Choose An Appropriate Shampoo

Choose the shampoo that works well on your hair type. If you have dry hair, go for shampoo that has moisturising and hydrating agents like cocoa, butter and essential oils. And if you have oily hair go for a shampoo that has clarifying agents like lemon, tea tree and chamomile.

Don’t Wash Daily

Keeping your hair clean is essential but washing your hair everyday is not healthy. So, the frequency of washing your hair depends upon your lifestyle. If you are subjected to pollution and sweat every day, you need to wash your hair more often, otherwise wash your hair at least three to four times a week.

Tone And Massage

Massage your scalp gently after washing your hair, but before moisturising. It helps in relaxation as well as helps in secreting natural oil from your scalp. Unfortunately, this process is often skipped in most hair routines.

Moisturise Your Hair Moisturising your hair ¡s an essential part of the routine. Use a conditioner, if you have dry hair in order to keep it hydrated. And in the case of oily hair, you can go for essential oil rinsing. This process should be carried out right after washing your hair.

Styling And Grooming

You should be very particular ¡n choosing products for styling and grooming your hair. Choose a good quality product that will best suit you. Always brush or comb your hair as ¡t helps in the circulation of blood throughout the scalp and makes your hair shiny and lustrous.

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