Five Minutes Monsoon Hairstyles

Five Minutes Monsoon Hairstyles

As the monsoon season commences, the heat will be much more bearable but the humidity levels can rise. And with the change in the season, you can catch the flu, a cold, or may be vulnerable to other health infections. It could also be a time your hair cries for extra care too! Oiling, hair massages and replacing your daily shampoo is a must to protect your hair from the rain. Keeping a check on the kind of hairstyle you sport is as important as all the needed care.

The rain and sweat can cause an itchy scalp and a sweaty head can ruin your hairstyle. Therefore, it is wiser to wear a simple hairdo and avoid complex hairstyles. listed here are some simple hairstyles anyone can carry oft this monsoon in less than five minutes. Take a look and choose to be stylish this monsoon!

French Braided Ponytail

Who doesn’t know how to come up with a ponytail? It has always been one of our favourite hairstyles. It takes less time, is quick to create and gives you a clean look! The French braided ponytail is just an add-up version of the classic ponytail.

How To Do It

  • Tie your hair in a ponytail. It could be either high/low at the side or the back.
  • Take a few strands of hair and cover the hair band securing it with a bobby pin.
  • Start to braid your hair by taking the hair only from the top.
  • Continue to braid without adding much hair to the braid.
  • Twist the braid around the ponytail at the back.
  • Repeat the process till your hair allows and secure it with a small hair band.

Rainy Day Bun

Buns can be the best chic hairstyle you can carry off with very less effort. Make it simple by just pulling up your hair and making a little bun.

How To Do It

  • Grab a small section of the hair.
  • Pull it backwards and twist it.
  • Clip the twisted hair to hold it back.
  • Repeat the same to have all your hair twisted making use of the same clip.
  • Grab a bobby pin and pin all the twisted hair, removing the clip.
  • Pull the hair into a ponytail and slowly remove the bobby pin.
  • Make a bun of the ponytail.
  • Secure it with bobby pins.

Twisted Half-Up-Half Down

Our hair naturally tends to be wavy when it’s wet. So, for the ladies who wish to flaunt their hair and beat the rain, follow the steps below.

How To Do It

  • Have your hair curled half down.
  • At the crown, take a section of hair and tease it to add volume to your hair.
  • Secure the teased hair, forming a pouf in the front, with the help of bobby pins.
  • Now pull out two sections of the hair at the front around your head, twisting the sections lightly as you go.
  • Pin the sections of hair with bobby pins, forming a crown with your hair.

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