Get Rid Of Elongated Earlobes

Get Rid Of Elongated Earlobes

Heavy earrings look gorgeous and definitely enhance the beauty of an outfit, but prolonged use will leave one with sagging earlobes. This ¡s a cosmetic problem but often, many do not know what to do about this condition. If your earlobe is tom completely, surgery should be your option. However, if the earlobe ¡s droopy because of years of wearing heavy earrings, dermal filler treatment is your best option, as it has a simple and easy approach.

Causes Of Sagging Earlobes

With age, one loses collagen and volume from the earlobes, just as one does from the rest of the face. Collagen, which is the supportive structure under the skin, is lost with ageing and a few other factors like sunlight, smoking etc. also promote the loss of it. The lack of support makes the lobe deflated and hangs when heavy earrings are worn. A small dose of dermal filler injection on the lobe restores its shape by cushioning and lifting the earlobe.


Firstly, a numbing cream is used on the skin and the earlobe is injected with a tiny bit of hyaluronic acid tiller like juvederm or restylane. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our skin as a supportive structure. It is a molecule that combines with water several times its weight thus it plumps up and holds the tissue in place. The filler Is then injected in the bottom part.

This procedure just takes five minutes for you to get beautiful, rejuvenated and younger looking earlobes without surgery. There may be a little redness, swelling and sometimes bruises caused by the treatment, but these are only temporary side effects. However, you can enjoy the effect of the dermal filler for a year and leave the clinic after the treatment, wearing your long earrings.

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