Common Cosmetic Cures For Teens

Common Cosmetic Cures For Teens

The teenage years is a period when there is a surge of excessive hormones, stress levels and adrenaline, all wrecking havoc on the system. This is a time when teenagers become much more aware and conscious of their looks. So, even a breakout on the skin is embarrassing enough to avoid social contact.

Many mothers seek a dermatologist’s advice on a multitude of problems, including when is the right time to opt for laser hair removal for unwanted hair and what their teen’s skin routine should be like. Here, we take a look at some common cosmetic procedures that are good for teens.

Laser Hair Removal

Lasers are used to permanently reduce unwanted hairs. Most areas of the body can be treated including private areas. Commonly sought areas for laser hair removal are upper lip, chin, lower face, underarms, legs, and arms. In a span of two or three years after the onset of periods (for girls) the body hormones are regularized. So, once a pattern is set in, it is safe to opt for laser hair removal.


A liquid skin polishing system that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates. this is suitable for oily skin and acne prone skin. It helps to remove blackheads and whiteheads gently with a complex mechanism that uses serums, plastic blades and suction to suck dirt out from the pores.

Acne Peels

The skin peels are effective to fasten the healing from active acne. It quickens the process so that huge pimples can dry up in just a day. This is useful to heal acne quickly, whilst they are on acne medication as medicines and creams take some time to take effect. The peels also help to control the oil balance.

Acne Facials

These med-facials differ from clinic to clinic but mostly consist of deep pore cleansing and treatment with a blue light to help regulate oily secretions.

Skin Care

Proper skin care is important to avoid problems in the future, One’s skin type needs to be identified and accordingly, a routine basic skin care programme can be recommended by the dermatologist.

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