Beauty Tips To Breeze Through Summer

Beauty Tips To Breeze Through Summer

Summer is here, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop looking gorgeous. It’s time you tackle summer woes head-on! We share with you a few pointers that will make looking good, during the summer season seem like a breeze!

Precautions For Your Skin
Protecting your skin from the sun during the summer season especially, is very important. So, while stepping out of home, always make sure to use a sunscreen that will help protect your skin from harmful UV rays. And while picking up a sunscreen always go for a trusted brand and opt to use a sunscreen with SPF 25 or SPF 50.

Grooming involves the adoption of a healthy lifestyle along with healthy eating habits that include nutritious food. A good diet is essential along with intake of fruits and veggies for glowing skin. Also, one should drink plenty of water and exercise regularly for skin to remain healthy during the summer.

Don’t Neglect Your Nails
While grooming yourself, don’t forget about your nails. Always have clean and shaped nails as dirty nails not only look rude, it can also have a serious effect on your health. Grooming of involves keeping them clean and well-shaped. Most women forget about their feet and toe nails – give your feet a pedicure once in a while to keep your feet healthy and clean and pick a good foot cream for your feet.

Choose To Dress Sensibly
While dressing up during the summers if you wish to wear kurtis, prefer to have light patterns. An ample amount of printed kurtis should be in your wardrobe. In addition to the traditional simple ones, must-haves include sequenced kurtis, collar kurtis andlace kurlis designed in simple V necks, Mandarin collars or round necks.

Let Your Skin Breathe
Don’t use make-up for casual meetings, especially during the day time. If you really do need to apply make-up, make sure you apply a minimum amount. Avoid darker shades and always opt for lighter tones. Also, never sleep with make-up on. Before sleeping make it a point to remove your make-up and choose the right moisturizer for your skin.

Safeguard Your Hair
During the summer season, most prefer short hair, as it is easy to maintain. However, a few ladies like to have long hair. So, it you have long hair, maintaining it can be a tedious task. Choose your shampoo and mild conditioner according to your hair type. Use a comb or brush which does not break your hair. Before going to bed, make sure to tie your hair in a bun or a braid so that your hair doesn’t get damaged or tangled. For silky smooth hair, use curd and egg yolk once in fifteen days.

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