Assistance For Acne

Assistance For Acne

Almost everybody with a few lucky exceptions, have gone through acne at some point of time. Most of us are keen observers and while some manage to keep shut, however almost everyone uncontrollably blurts out advices, suggestions and even prescriptions at the very glimpse of a face with acne, as if they are experienced doctors1 And funnily, every person from teens to old adults have lectures on the same.

I am not going to console you with unhelpful advice. In fact, I am quite candidly admitting that it does not feel alright to have pimples and blackheads over the cheeks, chin, forehead and where not. It is embarrassing! One would hesitate a thousand times before going to a party. A selfie suddenly upsetting because the camera highlights the reddened boils. And family functions are hated because everyone wants to comment and otter advice for free.

If external beauty was not a requisite in all aspect of life, acne would not have been hyped to a damaging extent. So, those suffering with acne are not to be blamed for having low self-esteem and low confidence. There are no doubt, other causes of acne like an unhealthy lifestyle and indulgence in high fat and sugar products for prolonged periods of time. But aggravation of this condition is purely because of psychological destruction thanks to the previously mentioned reason.

About 75-85 per cent of adolescents and a few adults are affected with acne of varying degrees

Comments from peers further compel one to handle papules with dirty hands by pricking them, in the hope that they would go away sooner. But the adjacent pore gets affected to give rise to another pimple. The previous pimple then either gets aggravated or leaves a dark scar.

Many doctors are consulted for different treatments, but since there is a lack of discipline and a longing for results, most of these treatments fail. This leaves the acne affected individual with even lower sell-esteem and depression. About 75- 85 per cent of adolescents and a few adults are affected with acne of varying degrees. Hormonal changes during pubescent age are to a larger extent responsible for it and following healthy dietary practices curbs its aggregation.

Following the best dietary practices can gradually reverse acne and help diminish scars and marks as well

Also, following the best dietary practices can gradually reverse acne and help diminish scars and marks as well. However, we must understand that there are indeed no short cuts and no magic. Given here are simple dietary guidelines to kick start the process of cleansing and balancing all bodily systems.

  • Consume adequate amounts of water as it is often considered a medicine in itself. Try to finish at least two-three litre bottles of water every day to cleanse your system.
  • As much as you love fat and sugar laden foods, try your best to cut them down since they elevate blood sugar and insulin levels that enhance the activity of oil glands.
  • Replace refined flour with whole- wheat flours, jowar, ragi. barley, bajra etc. to avail of B vitamins.
  • Vitamins A, C and E are crucial micronutrients that play a significant role in killing dead cells, reducing stress substances, being anti-inflammatory, preventing aggregation and boosting immunity.
  • Consume yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, dark coloured greens, citrus fruits, nuts such as walnuts and cooking oils like olive oil.
  • Consumption of bananas, dates, figs, prunes and apricots can help relieve constipation.
  • Consume enough protein to cause cell repair. Incorporate at least 0.89I kg body weight of protein via animal proteins, eggs, soy, dais and pulses etc.
  • Start exercising. Begin with an activity of your choice or indulge in sports for at least 30 minutes per day.
  • Take special care of your skin by deaning it at least twice daily, covering it from pollution and the harsh sun and by getting enough rest and sleep.

One of the most important guidelines that require a special mention is to feel good about yourself at all times. Because what matters is the beauty that dwells within, for external beauty fades with age. If others don’t accept you for who you are, they are not your friends to begin with. Be who you are and never give others a chance to affect your self-esteem. Acne will come, will stay, will go but your beauty within will romain with you forever.

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