Lifestyle Hacks To Ensure Spine Health

Lifestyle Hacks To Ensure Spine Health

“Even simple interventions such as daily stretching and 30 minutes of walking can make much of a difference”

More and more students as well as employees are burdened with acute back ache, lower abdomen stress and bone density problems, mainly due to the advent of the changing work culture, wherein there is greater emphasis on desk jobs rather than manual work.

Furthermore, because of the advancement in technology and with lighter physical strain as a result of machines, the human body is at a very vulnerable position to face spinal issues. Hence, this explains why such problems now seem to occur at a very young age.

Causes Of Spinal Problems

Most spinal problems today, can be attributed to our daily modern routine. From lack of physical activity leaving the muscles weaker and more prone to injury, to long hours of sitting, that puts pressure on the lumbar spine, our daily living conditions are not conducive to the spine at all. However, a few simple lifestyle modifications can go a long way in helping to keep spine problems at bay. Shared here are some of these lifestyle habits you should follow.

Lifestyle Habits To Combat Spinal Problems

Regular Simple Exercise One activity that can make a major difference in combating spinal problems is exercising daily. Regular exercise regimes help in keeping the body fit and thus such issues can be avoided. Even simple interventions such as daily stretching and 30 minutes of walking can make much of a difference.

Neck exercises are especially required to combat chances of developing spondylosis, which is an extremely common phenomenon among the working sector and youth today. For those who are older, osteoporosis and other bone density problems can be kept at bay with simple exercises and brisk walking. It is also necessary to avoid unsupervised attempts while doing yoga, as certain wrongly executed positions (asanas) can cause more harm than benefit to the spine.

Weight Lifting

Be it during grocery shopping or simply picking up a fallen item from the floor, most of us indulge in lifting things and bending down, practically every day of our lives. ,t is during times such as these that we can hurt our backs, due to a misguided positioning of the body or simply because of a lack of strength.

In modem times, technology has made life much easier and we are not accustomed to the practice of lifting weight regularly. But this practice should be incorporated through gyms or via any other home facility, as part of our lives, to avoid such problems and to be accustomed to weight challenges.

Even by finding the right way to bend and pick up things, without twisting the wrong joints and muscles, we can alter the course of spinal injury. But if practicing weight lifting exercises, it is vital that we add slowly to the weight.

Good Posture

As we were taught in school, it is extremely important to make deliberate attempts in sitting up straight, whenever possible. Today, people are too busy bending down over their laptops, computers and other smart devices to realize the slow deterioration of their posture. Thus, the time and duration spent on such activities needs to be restricted.

If you are one of those whose jobs involve 12 hours of sitting in front of a desktop, make sure the position of the device is straight in line with your neck. Bending the neck at 45 degrees or more continuously is a major cause of repetitive stress injury to the neck.

It is also advisable to take frequent breaks from your desk to give a few minutes of rest to your neck and back. Try to stand up every hour, take a walk around the office or step out of the workplace, whenever you get a phone call, so that you can give your back a break.

Sleeping Style

Another daily activity which determines spinal health is sleeping. When done in the correct way and for the right duration, a lot of physical stress to the spine can be avoided. Also, sleeping in the right position, like sideways instead of on the stomach and by using the right mattress, helps a great deal too.

Healthy Body Weight

It is crucial to maintain a healthy BMI (body mass index) in order to relieve the pressure off the spine. A balanced diet consisting of nutrients and vitamins as well as calcium and iron for the bones can help in maintaining healthy body weight.

Relaxation Techniques

Spinal problems can also be a result of stress. Hence, it is important to take regular breaks from work. We can find relaxation through vacations and social activities. Breathing exercises and meditation are also advised in order to manage this fast paced, stressful life.

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