This Is What Rough Bumps On Your Skin Could Mean

This Is What Rough Bumps On Your Skin Could Mean

“Keratin accumulation results in the blocking of hair follicles which in turn widens the pores creating rough and bumpy skin”

Have you noticed tiny, itchy, stubborn bumps on your skin? And do these ‘bumps’ deter you from sporting an oil shoulder dress, or skimpy and breezy clothes?

Though this may come as a surprise, if your answer to the above questions are ‘yes,’ you are surely afflicted with a chronic and annoying skin irritation called Keratosis Pilaris, also known as ‘chicken skin’ and often mistaken for acne. These tiny bumps not only settle on your cheeks, but also cause embarrassment, as they erupt on your upper arms, outer legs and back too.

Root Cause Of Keratosis Pilaris
Keratin, which is a protein found on the epidermis, protects the skin from infections and foreign substances. When this gets accumulated in excess, it causes the skin to thicken. And keratin accumulation results n the blocking of hair follicles, which widens the pores, creating rough and bumpy skin. However, these causes are largely genetic.

What Makes One Prone To This Skin Condition?
This annoying ailment is rather harmless, but if not managed properly, it recurs. People suffering with asthma, dermatitis, eczema or seasonal allergies, have higher chances of being afflicted with this skin condition. The problem is very common among young children and women. Also, during pregnancy and puberty this condition gets aggravated. However, it disappears after the age of thirty.

This skin problem gets aggravated during the winters the humidity level drops and moisture in the air gets into the skin, causing itchiness. However, during the summers, this condition subsides, as one soaks up more of the sunshine vitamin.

Prevention And Remedies
A little precaution and consistent care can ward oft the symptoms and manage this ailment easily.

  • Gentle exfoliation is helpful to keep skin dean, hydrated and fresh.
  • Exfoliation also helps in unclogging pores and softening the skin, but avoid overdoing this
  • Mild cleansers with optimum PH level should be used
  • Opt for body oil that proliferates the growth of cells
  • Fragrant soaps must be avoided as they aggravate this condition
  • Moisturising lotions which contain lactic acid are recommended
  • Natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and borage oil are helpful as these soothe the skin and minimize the condition
  • Diet should indude plenty of raw green juices, organic vegetables, fish oil supplements, omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9, chia seeds and flaxseeds.
  • Avoid dairy products. pumpkins, mangoes, papaya, walnuts and drink lots of water to combat dryness.
  • Keep well hydrated
  • The use of topical creams prescribed by a doctor will help reduce the inflammation
  • Use a bathing loot ah for unclogging hair follicles and apply curd on the specific areas, to get relief from the excess keratin deposit

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