Rise in Onion Prices: List of Onion Prices in Different Cities

After the long gap, the onion price has again met the sky and has become a luxury item to many folks. A drastic change in the price of onion has been noticed within a short span i.e. within two weeks across the country.

According to the Consumer Affairs Department data dated October 27, 2023, the wholesale average price of onion per quintal is rupees 3940/- which was noted as rupees 2506/- per quintal in early October.

In many of the areas across the country, including the NCR region, the current onion price being sold ranges from rupees 50 -70 / kilogram making it an expensive household. This sudden rise in the price of onion has been noted hard in vegetable inflation in the country.

Based on Government data, it is expected that this online price surge will continue till the end of December i.e.till the Kharif crop arrives on the market.

City Wise Onion Price Per Quintal List Dated 27/10/23.

Here we are going to provide you with a list of city-wise onion prices.

City (Onion Type) Price Per Quintal
Trippunitthura (Big) Rs.4600
Bihar (Medium) Rs.3100
Shadabad (Red) Rs.2159
Amritsar (Red) Rs.2300
Doharighat (Red) Rs.4470
Betul (1st sort) Rs.1150
Rajasthan (1st sort) Rs.2633
Secunderabad (1st sort) Rs.2500
Telangana (1st sort) Rs.3400
Maharashtra (1st sort) Rs.2800
Jaisinghpur (1st sort) Rs.4000
Gujarat (1st sort) Rs.4000
Himachal Pradesh (1st sort) Rs.4200
Banglore (Local-Small) Rs.3500
Kerala (Big) Rs.4100
Pune (Local) Rs.1800
Hubli (Local) Rs.1850
Gwalior (Local) Rs.2000
Haryana (Local) Rs.2300
West Bengal (Local) Rs.2700
Odisha (Local) Rs.2800
Ahmedabad (Local) Rs.4000
Kurnool (Local) Rs.4419

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